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Heavy artillery is becoming an increasingly important factor in deciding battles.
In an aging population, the elderly are increasingly being taken care of by the elderly.
Increasingly, it is a status symbol for cosmopolitan bobos, and it is being exploited by the marketers who cater to them.
More size and interior room translated into heavier vehicles and larger engines and increasingly expensive trips to the pump.
Increasingly, they are graduating into a world of overblown expectation and debt.
And because things change so fast, knowledge is increasingly dispersed.
But precisely what the mix should be is increasingly contentious-and could prove expensive.
The stuff that people used to watch or listen to largely because there was little else on is increasingly being ignored.
He sees patients increasingly getting together online and sharing medical data and treatment histories.
Scientists are increasingly using a new name for this new period.
Even in the countryside, signs of wealth are becoming increasingly visible.
Across the region pulses a similar mood of generational revolt, increasingly impatient to challenge this order.
The river is increasingly seen as an environmental and economic resource.
The world's biggest multinationals are becoming increasingly happy to do their research and development in emerging markets.
Their initial joy increasingly looks misplaced, and they know it.
That, increasingly, is the role played by a different sort of secretive pool of capital: private equity.
And it increasingly offers high, as well as low, culture.
Aid donors had become increasingly alarmed by the lack of a government.
Their destiny is increasingly linked to the destiny of poorer workers.
Many depend on co-operation with a wide array of increasingly unhappy locals.
At the same time, the public seems to be growing increasingly tolerant of using animals in research.
Although emerging-market players are increasingly powerful, it is a myth that their prime advantage is lower labour costs.
Increasingly, students will be required to make decisions about relationships between human needs and the physical environment.
Increasingly, though, air pollution blurs vistas that once were sharp and rich hued.
Increasingly, cyberspace is also where photographers go to learn technique and stay current.
Plastic bag bans or taxes are growing increasingly common.
Students confront a world that is increasingly interdependent.
They're breakable, contain toxic material, and are becoming increasingly commonplace.
Highly experienced climbers are attempting increasingly unprecedented feats on the mountain.
As the rains increasingly failed to come, the region began undergoing desertification.
Increasingly, scientists agree that it isn't physical need that makes animal smart, but social necessity.
But such sights are increasingly rare, as snake charmers become an endangered species.
In addition, hundreds of millions of people live in areas that will become increasingly vulnerable to flooding.
As people have become increasingly urban, the appeal of the country home has grown, too.
But the weather was warm, again, and as the day drew on visibility was clouded by one of the increasingly common fogs.
They say the dragons have become increasingly aggressive toward humans and are demanding to know why.
Increasingly, building designers are managing sewage in-house-really in-house.
But now that we're living in an increasingly information-aware culture, it's time for that to change.
Phone makers are beefing up processing power in an effort to support increasingly demanding mobile operating systems and apps.
Extricating the elements from consumer products will be necessary as mined resources become increasingly scarce.
Students increasingly arrive in college with high grade expectations, weak academic backgrounds, and poor study skills.
She thinks virtual technology, while increasingly popular, is still underused in archaeology.
In some ways this is an old notion, but it has new urgency in our increasingly idea-driven world.
However, health-care costs and other nondiscretionary expenditures increasingly constrain what they can spend on higher education.
Hotels are increasingly targeting children to lure more families to their properties.
US cities increasingly ban or tax plastic shopping bags.
But now all sorts of well-established, multiply confirmed findings have started to look increasingly uncertain.
Little by little, however, she grew sicker-increasingly exhausted and short of breath.
The answer is that studios, as they release fewer films, are increasingly focused on trying to develop franchises.
Critical care has become an increasingly large portion of what hospitals do.
Both the album's themes and how it was made suggest a model that may become increasingly popular: the semi-professional musician.
Yet our patterns of meat consumption have become increasingly dangerous for both individuals and the planet.
Lately, however, his bravado has sounded increasingly misplaced.
He also doesn't seem to enjoy the public appearances that are increasingly requested of him.
As they grown increasingly tired, their conversation takes on a more peculiar and serious tone.
Increasingly, they rely on the police for control and focus on preserving power.
It's a vertiginous experience that grows increasingly hilarious, and the joke is on us.
We got out of the pickup to watch as the steers, increasingly peeved as they realized their fate, were locked into pens.
Increasingly, that argument is creeping from the margins into mainstream debate.
He was in the midst of a long trip typical of his increasingly manic and global post-Presidency.
But obesity researchers increasingly believe that material disadvantages best explain the spread of obesity among poor people.
We are increasingly aware of ourselves as taste-makers.
Carla, with the help of a friend, runs away from her increasingly disturbed and hostile husband.
These people are increasingly taking their knowledge home to other countries to compete with us.
Over the decades, the video displays that everyone from fighter pilots to the general public use have grown increasingly complex.
Ditto for fruit juices or honey, which have become increasingly popular.
As those records go electronic, outsiders will find it increasingly easy to peruse an individual's health information.
The scientific community is increasingly coming to realize how central self-control is to many important life outcomes.
Increasingly, if reluctantly, there seems to be a growing awareness that nothing in existence stands alone.
Fossil fuels are running out anyway and are increasingly in the hands of tyrants and extremists.
As chemistry has ramped up in the past century, ingredients in cosmetics have become increasingly complex and cutting-edge.
Preschools are increasingly turning away from play-based learning to lectures and testing.
Finding a vaccine has become an increasingly urgent undertaking.
It then gradually declined due to increasingly cold weather.
As more people stream video to their mobile devices, wireless bandwidth is becoming an increasingly precious commodity.
Over the past three decades, string theory has increasingly captured the imagination of physicists.
Insurance companies are increasingly reimbursing for hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and similar once-fringe therapies.
Fluorescence is increasingly being touted as the future of clinical imaging due to its selectivity.
Neuroscientists, using increasingly sophisticated brain scans, are finding that changes ripple out across the entire brain.
In the last decade, researchers have become increasingly skilled at detecting and interpreting brain signals.
Easy to access hydrocarbons are an increasingly rare commodity.
Patients with such dementia often become increasingly withdrawn.
Such changes will become increasingly important as the world economy recovers.
Most of that is fed to cows, but increasingly, also to pigs.
In a world that has been remade by a band of fanatic hijackers, the notion of nuclear deterrence seems increasingly quaint.
They gradually became increasingly asymmetric and backward-bending, culminating in the flexible versions of early birds.
The remaining eggs are half a century old and increasingly unresponsive to hormones.
The upshot is, natural gas is going to be an increasingly large part of the energy future.
Instead, anthropologists and ethnographers increasingly view the state's first inhabitants as agriculturists.
The result was a top-heavy economy with more and more money flowing into increasingly unstable and mysterious instruments.
They all go crazy as all their scariest memories become increasingly vivid and overwhelm them.
As his career had taken off, he had grown increasingly uneasy with the trappings of success.
The country, she thought, might organize itself increasingly into zones of financial security and zones of financial crisis.
The atmosphere inside the cell blocks is increasingly tense, exacerbated by repressive tactics and mutual incomprehension.
As solar panel manufacturers try to harvest more of the sun's energy for less, they face increasingly diminishing returns.
But it's becoming increasingly common for governments to use transparent proxies to censor and track dissidents and protestors.
Moreover, photographers increasingly provide video for newspaper websites and so often have a camcorder at hand.
Without an increasingly large base of awareness and predisposition towards a client's brand-well, adios.
Researchers are increasingly using cell phones to better understand users' behavior and social interactions.
But advertisers and producers increasingly also want to know who's talking about a show, and what they're saying.
Increasingly they are seen as a way to increase data rates, too.
Cloud services are increasingly being used for every kind of computing, from entertainment to business software.
But as environmentally friendly labels have proliferated, the meaning of those claims has become increasingly vague.
Mashups--online applications that combine data and tools from different websites--are becoming increasingly useful.
The market is shifting away from desktop and laptop computers toward increasingly powerful smart phones and tablet computers.
Computer game companies use increasingly complicated software to protect against piracy.
Helium is becoming increasingly scarce, so removing the need for helium will be a boon to medicine.
Data centers are an increasingly significant source of energy consumption.
News organizations are increasingly turning to new ways of presenting their content, including through enhanced forms of search.
But government censors have increasingly been blocking the proxies, too.
But it's becoming increasingly clear that this isn't always enough.
We hear of his rise to increasingly lofty offices with more and more generous salaries to match.
It is an increasingly important tool for the exchange of facts and ideas.
Searching for a place and a purpose for his life, he becomes increasingly frustrated and angry.
Writing was becoming increasingly difficult, and he had always put into it everything he had.
And many hardliners themselves have adopted an increasingly moderate tone.
Because as the financial sector got increasingly bloated its political clout also grew.
These other low castes have increasingly moved out of dire poverty by becoming small landowners, businessmen, and civil servants.
Lovecraft's career, however, was increasingly disappointing to him.
First dates and new relationships are increasingly becoming a part of the retirement years.
It depicts the dispute between the manager and the increasingly frustrated students.
There is no evidence that carotid plaque screening, which is becoming increasingly popular, saves lives.
Demonstrators have become increasingly confrontational and violent toward uninvolved bystanders and motorists.

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