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He wrought feathers together, beginning with the smallest and adding larger, so as to form an increasing surface.
Give the stem more height to grow and it will, increasing the space for stolons and thus tubers.
And the wines they make are garnering increasing acclaim.
Here are the basics for increasing the number and variety of birds that come to your feeders in winter.
The last decade of the eighteenth century witnessed an increasing attention paid to commercial and financial questions.
It speaks for itself and will be of increasing influence as the years go by.
Diversifying beyond tourism and fishing and increasing employment are the major challenges facing the government.
About the middle of the nineteenth century, readable books of travel multiply with increasing facilities for travel.
We also see the renascence movement and general national activities increasing its vocabulary to an enormous extent.
His troubles are not the troubles of senility and exhaustion but of increasing and still undisciplined strength.
Travel is increasing and transport growing easier by reason of horses and roads.
Consequently the groups which are now large, and which generally include many dominant species, tend to go on increasing in size.
Americans support increasing taxes on rich families and eliminating tax loopholes for corporations by more than two-to-one.
The increasing costs of driving, meanwhile, have put great pressure on suburban family finances.
The drop in quality has not gone unnoticed by consumers, who are experiencing increasing frustration with these machines.
Many have been concerned, or even panicked, over the possibility of cell phones increasing one's risk for brain cancer.
Increasing domestic supply, although it may help to slow the rising tide of imports, cannot itself reverse the major trend.
The radical change follows ongoing criticism of increasing violent incidents across the country.
As with increasing climate risks, when you've got major energy problems, suddenly everyone starts to look bad.
It's been called m-commerce and it's the increasing use of smartphones to make shoppers better informed of their options.
And it's long been thought that hypertension related to excess salt is caused by the salt increasing the volume of the blood.
So environmentalists are increasing methane in the atmosphere.
As time goes on increasing, the entropy also goes on to increase.
It has been widely disseminated that the rate of melt is increasing at an increasing rate.
Lately their reports of increasing oil saving claims had me doubting my back of the envelop calculations.
Weather changes can also increase the number of people exposed to a disease, increasing the likelihood of an outbreak.
The other fuels have not fully done so and are under increasing pressure to incorporate such costs.
For many people, increasing forgetfulness is an unwelcome side effect of growing old.
In fact, the company is increasing clean energy investments.
Their ocean measurements in a host of locations around the world have confirmed that ocean's acidity is increasing.
Coastal factories are increasing hourly payments to workers.
Global warming is increasing the incidence of drought, which dries up water holes.
The weather has been changing, the world is hotter than before but pollution is still increasing.
As water levels dipped, fuel rods were likely exposed to air, increasing the chances of melting-and of a catastrophic meltdown.
But the region's winter snowfall, which feeds the glaciers, has been increasing.
While populations of many other animals are shrinking, coyote populations are actually increasing.
As global temperatures rise, global warming is an increasing concern.
To accomplish this, they have long toes on their rear feet with fringes of skin that unfurl in the water, increasing surface area.
They also eat shellfish and are developing an increasing taste for grains and corn found in farmland areas.
Organic skin care is increasing in popularity due to concern about potentially harmful ingredients in commercial beauty products.
Such concerns are being voiced with increasing fervour.
In a world that is not doing much to mitigate climate change, an increasing emphasis is put on the capacity to adapt to it.
Yet kicking the hornets' nest has provoked stinging turf battles, increasing the body count.
Because of the country's increasing weight in the world economy, this will keep up global demand.
Coyotes are the main problem, but attacks by grizzly bear and wolves-both federally protected-are increasing.
Pressure on companies to become more transparent is also increasing.
It is these mobile drugs that are now increasing in popularity.
Yet the simple fact of increasing inflation sends writers running to speculate on and, in many cases, demand central bank action.
The fact that an increasing number of medications are unable to beat sugar pills has thrown the industry into crisis.
Researchers found that animals' oscillations per second tended to decrease with increasing body size.
The tourist industry is also booming, resulting in new construction and an increasing human population.
Increasing the number of speeding electrons would drastically shorten the lifetime of a typical satellite, the team calculates.
And there are increasing reports on the human health effects of chemicals used in plastic products.
The card changed hands several times over the next two decades, steadily increasing in value.
The world's population is increasing and its forest life is decreasing.
True, the total global population has not yet finished increasing.
The best help is increasing the size of their habitats.
However, the decay rate is increasing and the signs of looting are easy to see.
The consequences of eating meat, and our increasing reliance on factory farms, are almost as disturbing for human health.
Lately, however, this established protocol has been ignored with increasing frequency.
The arrival of treasure hunters in the deepest parts of the ocean has also caused increasing concern among nautical archeologists.
In addition, there is the increasing mathematization of economics.
One is the diminishment of tenure itself, while the other is the increasing reliance on adjunct or other part-time instructors.
The rising costs have little or nothing to do with an increasing profit margin, but rather the increased cost of services.
They have made no effort to reverse this trend by increasing the size of their student populations.
And all of that, the instructors believe, can be accomplished at any college without increasing instructional costs.
As you get better at manipulating the blocks, the game starts dropping them at increasing speeds.
Life requires motion and evolution, riding the wave of increasing entropy.
It is also responsible for increasing serotonin levels.
After increasing the dose, she began to have episodes of sleepwalking.
We need to begin micro, longitudinal and increasing scale research of safe and effective means to promote phytoplankton.
Farmers have justified their practice on the grounds that antibiotics help fatten up the birds, thereby increasing profits.
They tested participants' memories in comparisons of increasing difficulty.
We know that the world's high-temperature extremes are increasing, while some of our cold-temperature extremes are decreasing.
So it becomes imperative for the financial system to keep increasing demand.
Every panel has an x-axis defined by distance from a gene, left to right with increasing distance.
He had been admitted to the hospital because of increasing stridor, a high-pitched sound made during inhalation.
The company is also improving the efficiency of the system by increasing the amount of electricity that can be generated.
The added thallium doubled the material's ability to convert heat into electricity by increasing the voltage that it produces.
In fact, silicon takes up so much lithium--increasing in volume by as many as four times--that it can be a disadvantage.
These materials offer higher performance than the amorphous silicon widely used today, without increasing costs.
The brain appears to try to make up for this loss of input by increasing activity, which may in turn result in phantom sounds.
With longer life spans, an aging population and the increasing demand for prosthetics, the hunt is on for more durable faux bones.
But silicon particles swell as the battery is charged, increasing in volume up to four times their original size.
But such inducements contribute to the rapidly increasing cost of medical care.
There is increasing evidence, he says, that this area is dysfunctional in patients with depression.
Space junk is a serious problem, particularly in some orbits where debris is increasing at alarming rates.
Protesters tried their best to keep the peace by increasing the number of security and sanitation volunteers.
Tobacco-which is known for increasing concentration-used to be chewed almost universally during games.
Graham, however, noticed how the stress and torment were increasing his brother's already high intake of alcohol.
The underlying trend in the super-bubble has been the ever-increasing use of credit and leverage.
The first would be the expansion of the mandate of the pedagogue and his increasing control over society even outside school.
Shippers report increasing frustration with the nation's ports.
The first ten are aimed at increasing the representation and power of poor and small countries in global organizations.
What local research shows is lessening dependence on seasonal migration to coastal plantations, not increasing dependence.
No doubt some are quite small but they are increasing.
By other measures, the increasing income of one family doesn't mean the decline of another.
But opposition to giving up more land-and a stated willingness to act on this belief-is increasing.
Flows and glaciers are disappearing at an increasing rate.
Observations indicate that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate.
Number of prescription drug-related deaths increasing.
Or how an increasing number of real estate agents are being robbed, injured or even killed on the job.

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