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The saint exceedingly raised its reputation and increased its building and revenues.
Increased reliance on automobiles means more pollution, more traffic, more use of fossil fuels.
Fewer forests means larger amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere-and increased speed and severity of global warming.
See if they can determine if any human behavior has increased the risk of contagion from animals.
Human population has increased dramatically over the last few centuries.
The factors include increased wolf predation, severe winter weather, and moose ticks.
Ask students whether there is a relationship between population density and areas of increased risk for volcanoes and earthquakes.
He pointed to the rediscovery of an old-school campaign strategy as one major reason for this year's increased participation.
Privatization of industries and increased agricultural exports have boosted the economy.
Someone has increased the tooth gap between the right and lower gear, undoubtedly because of the criticism.
It increased global trade and led to advances in disease control, science and engineering.
As the value of the property heightened, taxes increased, forcing many to leave the area.
Although some would consider increased rainfall a blessing for such an arid region, it can be a headache for preservationists.
There is no tested science in support of the claim of increased likelihood of severe weather.
Walking upright and precise manipulative abilities may have increased the ape's foraging efficiency.
But the scandal increased fado's appeal, leading to the publication of its first sheet music.
There is little question that the efficiency of the postal service will be thereby materially increased.
Sometimes the hoopla translates into increased ticket sales for those nominees still playing in theaters.
Writing a book, however, greatly increased my sense of alienation.
Though both the number of staff and enrollment increased in that time frame, enrollment increased faster.
Those rates, too, increased from prior years but not by as much.
And that was during a time when the number of full-time-equivalent students in college increased by more than four million.
Federal data released last year showed that the share of students receiving financial aid had increased.
Insurers tend to profit from red light cameras, because revenues go up with increased citations and accidents.
To get increased adoption of new food behaviors, though, they'll need a lot of users from up and down the supply chain.
The porosity of the nickel layer was then increased using electropolishing.
Mike increased the distance by two yards between each subsequent seed.
They also made note of how the project increased urban density using existing space.
Such plants are usually increased by root cuttings or from seed.
Bet this really increased the value of the house, too, especially now that you can see it from the street.
Drug linked to increased risk for older diabetics.
It lays down the doctrine that the increased productivity of the industry of modern societies is due to division of labor.
In a word, while their wants had been increased, their ability to supply their wants had not been increased in the same degree.
Partisan bitterness increased during the last decade of the century.
The other ribs are elevated, so that the first two intercostal spaces are diminished while the others are increased in width.
And there was now also an increased variety of insects.
It then becomes uncontrollable, it can not be divided into doses and can not be increased.
And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily.
The rise in fraud stems from a mixture of increased opportunities and growing incentives.
But the number of those searching for work also increased.
Notwithstanding the collapse of the country's economy, support for democracy there has increased over the past year.
Antibiotics prescribed for infants within six months of birth may be contributing to increased rates of asthma, scientists say.
Some migraine sufferers may be at an increased risk for brain lesions, according to the results of a new study.
The downsides of smoking are plentiful, ranging from stained fingers and teeth to an increased risk of lung cancer.
Other factors which might have triggered the ridership increases in some of these places are increased or better-quality services.
Migraine patients often notice that their headaches begin with a throbbing sensation followed by increased skin sensitivity.
In the summer, body weight can go up by several pounds due to increased body water.
Both chemicals are linked to global climate change, lung disease, and increased mortality rates.
The rate of warming has increased in the past century or so.
As the gap between copper components within the cells narrowed, their light-bending power increased.
Bits of the brain seemed to be power napping-and as the rat stayed awake longer, the frequency of the naps increased.
The increased use of drugs to treat psychosis is even more dramatic.
Nor would increased subsidies for publicly funded candidates lower the total amount of speech available to the electorate.
The trend consists of an increased willingness to lend and a rise in prices.
Those reforms immediately increased the rate of economic growth and broke the agricultural stagnation.
The few remaining firms have recently increased the price of certain vaccines to recoup some of the cost of litigation.
By giving evidence, an informant can avoid doing jail time, but his partner's sentence will be increased to ten years.
Then as the air speed is increased further the regularity of the pattern of vortices is lost, and the flow begins to be turbulent.
At first they were able to farm sometimes, mainly at night, but this became impossible as the bombing increased in intensity.
Open-source software may also provide increased security, because the software can be scrutinized openly for serious flaws.
And as a result of increased automation over the last few years, labor costs are going down.
But high oil prices have increased the costs of petrochemicals.
Microprocessors and memory chips have been shrinking, as their performance has increased.
Over the past two decades, cost has been relentlessly reduced while capacity and performance have dramatically increased.
Increased demand for wireless bandwidth is forcing regulators to get creative.
In the last few years, however, mobile processors have vastly increased in capability.
High corn prices have led farmers to plant more corn, and last year, not all of the increased supply went to ethanol.
These adjustments will take increased life expectancy into account, since beneficiaries will need to be supported longer.
One of the more exciting developments in computer science is the increased focus on exotic forms of computing.
Thanks to this increased use, experts say, reserves of phosphorus are now being exhausted.
After these areas of his body, however, the difficulty increased with the abruptness of a coastal shelf.
The good news is that the pace of decisions increased.
There is also the matter of drones, and our increased reliance on them.
After twenty-eight days on the medication, her lung function had increased by eighteen per cent over all.
Nationally, shale-gas production has increased by a factor of twelve in the past ten years.
Increased purchasing power was one of his rallying cries.
Also for the increased cost, a decade later, of constructing his house.
And in the time since then, our affection has only increased.
Meghan, also a heavy drinker, hasn't perceived any casual relationship between her increased imbibition and frequent illness.
He changed jobs several times, and with each new position his pay increased.
While the cultivation and supply of opium increased beyond knowing, the smoking of opium vanished.
Despite their increased scarcity, the price of natural pearls collapsed.
Initial public outrage over the police's actions only increased when widespread suspicion about the raids' origin was confirmed.
Over this period, housing-related debt had increased threefold.
It should have increased its rates slightly, maybe by a dollar or two, and broke out streaming and by-mail service.
Here's how it has increased or declined over the past several years.
But as some readers noted, real income has increased as well over the years.
Historically, productivity has increased more often than not.
Data show that number has only increased over the past six years.
The capacity for longevity has not really increased.
As additional physics data became available, the estimate of reactor life was greatly increased.
Participants showed increased risk for no other types of brain tumors.
By the time they are five to six years old they have an increased awareness of the connection between thinking and feeling.
The authors say the real driver of our increased caloric intake is snacking.

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