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We know that certain kinds of economic growth can increase income inequalities.
Both possibilities excluded in these projections-increased immigration and rapid wage growth-would increase the fund's revenues.
As temperatures increase, so do the water needs of your garden.
To increase your supply of plants, take root cuttings in fall.
Harvest leaves from the outside, leaving the center leaves to increase the clump.
It didn't take long to see an increase in the number and type of bees showing up.
The point is to increase mechanization and eliminate the need for workers to harvest bunch by bunch.
Then, over time, increase the depth of the water and decrease the frequency to encourage a deeper root system and stronger tree.
Melting glaciers and ice caps, along with ocean warming-water expands as it heats up-are the main culprits behind the increase.
Regular meditation may increase smarts and stave off aging, according to an ongoing study.
If you want to increase your savings even more, wash only with cold water the next time you empty your hamper.
It's probably not related to an increase in sharks, the researchers say.
The increase in prosperity is not making humans happier or healthier, according to several studies.
If it was snow above nothing and the snow broke, it would have been difficult for me to increase the power and get away.
Conflicts over resources are likely to increase as demand increases.
They increase in length from the first to the seventh, then gradually decrease to the twelfth.
The ribs increase in length from the first to the seventh, below which they diminish to the twelfth.
The earnings of the husband do not increase as rapidly as the family does.
It varies with the length of the coccyx, and is capable of increase or diminution, on account of the mobility of that bone.
But a second cause was at work to increase this exhaustion and to hasten the decadence of an art that had lost its freshness.
They increase during pregnancy and especially after delivery, and become atrophied in old age.
And of rice likewise cometh a great increase, and it is a kind of meat.
As vacation rentals gain popularity, online sites increase listings.
The increase in work outside the home was offset by less housework-and less spare time and less sleep.
Indeed, it could be months before a majority of the bank's rate-setters are ready to vote for an increase.
But an increase in the minimum wage is what we've got.
The current economic malaise will increase the pressure on companies to become more efficient.
As electronic media elicit more personal information, discrimination will increase.
Predictably, big oil importers are pushing for another large output increase.
Any increase in the retirement age will have to come with a safety net for such people, which will reduce the potential savings.
Such fears would increase if the remaining barriers to migration were suddenly removed.
Our scientific specimens increase understanding of our planet's formation and biodiversity.
He detected no indication of temperature increase in the water, no disturbance of the lake bed, no sulfur compounds.
Average life expectancy, today at an all-time high, could in our generation increase ten more years.
Renewable natural resources are those that, with proper care can be maintained or even increase.
Others worry that the inevitable increase in dead kangaroos will alarm the campers who frequent the island.
The rumblings can be difficult to interpret, but an increase in activity often presages an eruption.
The epidemiology suggests a steady increase in prevalence over time, not sudden increases at times of changes to the schedule.
Purchasing coupons in countries with weaker economies could increase that margin substantially, he reasoned.
In the last ten there has been an enormous increase in the amount of adult puppet theater.
Here anything that you do in order to increase pedestrian space constructs equality.
Or again, as in commercial planes, it may both increase flight efficiency and help control and stabilize the glide.
Wave breaking causes an increase in water level over the bars relative to the channel level.
Temperatures would increase at a steady rate around the globe, winters would become milder, snow less common.
For years, scientists have puzzled over the observed increase in these noctilucent clouds.
The researchers say sleeping pills do increase spindles, but they may interfere with other beneficial sleep stages.
But according to the survey of several hundred patients, booze and cigarettes didn't seem to increase your risk.
When someone buys a computer or mobile phone, the number of consumers and producers both increase by one.
Chronically high levels of inflammation may damage cells and possibly increase cancer risk.
Large parental age differences increase the risk for psychiatric disorders, whereas other environmental factors decrease risk.
Depending on each fault's location, orientation and direction of slip, its likelihood of rupture may increase or decrease.
For thousands of years human beings have been attempting to increase or decrease their fertility.
World population, now over six billion, will continue to increase-to not much more than nine billion by many estimates.
Second, firms will also begin to hire more workers, which should further increase consumer spending.
We have never had such a great increase in our productive capacity.
Some even manage to worry about hyperinflation, that is, extremely rapid and uncontrolled increase in the price level.
First, the increase in interest rates reflects an increase in risk.
They're a group of firms that meets and agrees to increase or restrict output of oil.
Even with a low non-paternity rate, the odds increase with each successive generation.
Cattle herds died in the sun, causing the price of beef and other staples to increase across the country.
One way the rich use their influence, of course, is to protect and increase their wealth.
Reduce heat and add tequila, then increase heat to medium-high.
Increase speed to high and beat until whites hold stiff, glossy peaks.
Remove the lid, increase the heat to medium-high, and boil to reduce the liquid to a glaze.
The rise of computer graphics, the increase in shoots abroad, and changing tastes have tempered the market.
The effect of the hormone is to increase milk production, not exactly something the nation needed then-or needs now.
He disagrees robustly with its dismissal of a significant troop increase.
He has revamped workers' compensation to increase benefits for injured workers and reduce employee costs.
What's more, they believe they can increase the value of these teams-and they often do-by their own energy and public face.
Instead of getting an increase in support, she learned that what she had been receiving would be cut in half.
About half of that increase could be attributed to the subprime-lending boom.
You're rich, and a small tax increase isn't going to rock your world.
Part of what made the first green revolution possible was a sharp increase in the use of phosphorus-rich fertilizers.
It turns out that the additional acceleration that the vortices add to the wind can increase the power of vertical axis turbines.
To reduce this effect, cell makers apply antireflective coatings or etch the cell's surface to increase photon absorption.
One way to boost the performance of any solar cell is to increase the surface area available to incoming light.
Part of the increase comes simply from guiding the air to the turbine with the shroud.
Improving the electrode materials should increase the cycle life, he adds.
Tandem cells, commonly employed in conventional solar panels, increase power output in two ways.
Increase the amount of power delivered onto even an inefficient cell, and electrical output will similarly increase.
As machines increase in both size and speed, retaining precision remains a challenge.
At the same time, advances in technology have allowed for a growing public acceptance of an increase in toll roads.
Consequently, multiple embryos are often transferred at one time, to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.
Aircraft use flaps in conjunction with ailerons during flight as a way to dramatically increase roll rate.
Growing corn for ethanol may increase greenhouse gases for over a century.
Strengthened connections increase the efficiency of neural transmissions, which allows for faster learning.
At cold temperatures the factor by which babies must increase their metabolism to stay warm is several times that for adults.
Normally, an increase in activity in the downstream areas cannot occur without an increase in the primary areas.
Only an increase in brain size could make throwing-especially over long distances-accurate, he says.
They can also significantly increase the strength and size of undamaged muscles with little more than an injection.
Indeed, its rate of increase seems to be rebounding upward again after the mysterious plunge of the last few years.
The unsettling flip side is that telomerase-boosting treatments aimed at slowing aging might also increase the risk of cancer.
One type forms when an area experiences a large-scale crime increase, such as when a park is overrun by drug dealers.
There is no good reason to think this increase will suddenly stop.
Most of this was due to a huge size increase in the olfactory bulb and olfactory cortex, brain areas responsible for smell.
Futures markets for live cattle show a gradual increase in prices over the next several months.
Both of these generations want to increase their service, and both feel they have not been asked to do enough.
If there is an increase, it must be rounded to the nearest tenth of one percent.

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