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The report also referred incorrectly to further developments.
Professors immediately voiced concerns that the information would be used to incorrectly gauge their efficiency on the job.
Another common form of sloppiness is writers who misquote or incorrectly cite their sources.
It's also possible the meter is simply wired incorrectly by the energy company.
Folks who incorrectly or infrequently cite other authors whose work they are presenting as their own.
Downs incorrectly concludes that the writers and producers were not interested in exploring the pains of poverty.
The problem is that the whole problem is framed incorrectly.
Incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis would mean believing that global warming is caused by people when it's not.
They are useful used right, they can be useless used incorrectly, and they can be cruel used badly.
Late last year it was discovered that thousands of fasteners on the early test aircraft had been installed incorrectly.
No wonder such a large proportion of the world's museum specimens are labelled incorrectly.
Data might be wrongly entered or incorrectly filed and never found again.
We live in parts of the world which use the technology available incorrectly.
It is however possible, despite our efforts, that a product could be incorrectly priced.
With the ever accelerating student exchange, this question is incorrectly framed.
Most indians have identified the problem incorrectly.
The problem is that the word is used incorrectly many times.
If incorrectly burnt, as in a slow-combustion stove, wood will cause serious pollution.
On the other hand, guessing incorrectly would lose the gambler the same amount of euro cents as whichever number turned red.
For example, it incorrectly suggested that only one scientist had demonstrated the chemical's gender-altering effects on frogs.
Either the copy editors put it in incorrectly, or did not catch it.
Meaning they were actually not lactose intolerant in the first place, only incorrectly believing it, for some unknown reason.
His continuation of spelling an author's name incorrectly after he has been informed of this speaks volumes about his intent.
Please read the actual paper before you incorrectly react to it and claim it is good science.
If a model is run that does not history match then it is incorrectly constructed and or parameterized.
The questions in the survey appear to be incorrectly worded.
We have no information on how the other countries are using it, possible incorrectly.
The author uses correlation coefficients in sentences incorrectly, which suggests a poor understanding of what they are and mean.
Most motorists incorrectly identified their tires' recommended air pressures.
The terms cavern and cave are often used interchangeably and sometimes incorrectly.
And this of course is an incomplete picture, an incorrectly weighted picture.
And if you judge that balance incorrectly, and fail to give risk its due respect, there's no bailout available.
Thinking incorrectly is thinking or verbalizing incorrectly.
We aren't talking about a surplus of incorrectly disposed grocery bags.
Even today, people sometimes incorrectly say that this is the case.
Maths here seems incorrectly extrapolated from out of date data.
Some scientists even use the word theory incorrectly, which can make things confusing.
Some on both sides extend this purposefully into a culture war and apply it incorrectly.
He was certainly no dreamer, and incorrectly extrapolated his limited understanding of physics.
If the walker steers incorrectly, users will have an override option.
If he answers incorrectly, he dies, completely silently.
Instead, they are creating additional losses for whoever bet incorrectly, exactly matched by gains for the corresponding winners.
Unless, of course, the entire composition has been hung incorrectly.
If threaded incorrectly, the webbing will easily slip when loaded.
Although the original quote was accurately reported, it was incorrectly attributed.
Nonstick pots can emit nasty stuff if used incorrectly.

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