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We're not easily swayed, overly emotional, or wildly inconsistent.
Similarly, the growth is inconsistent with the contribution of fiscal stimulus which has turned negative lately.
Winds were both dangerously high and maddeningly inconsistent.
Again, the answer is complicated by the inconsistent quality of the available information.
The setback highlights the problems created by inconsistent funding for energy research.
And unlike wind energy, dependent on inconsistent gusts, this technology is as predictable as the tides.
The article is inconsistent in the way that rates are calculated.
Grinder, who was notoriously inconsistent in her re-telling of the story.
It wasn't the fuzzy video or inconsistent sound quality, either.
The proposal is intended to achieve two inconsistent objectives.
But until the playing field is level, it's inconsistent to complain about solar subsidies.
Yet some of those equalities can be mutually inconsistent.
Because energy production depends on the wind, production is inconsistent.
Despite medical advances, the treatment of many chronic diseases remains haphazard and inconsistent.
It seems logically inconsistent to oppose somatic cell nuclear transfer, but support altered nuclear transfer.
The application of laws can be patchy, inconsistent and brutal.
The reality is that these two studies are not inconsistent.
Inconsistent brew temperature produces uneven results.
The field is dogged by inconsistent terminology, with terms such as ethical and socially responsible investing also widely used.
Our values to be benevolent has become inconsistent with our need to be fair.
The evidence so far is ambiguous, inconsistent and sparse.
The two brothers of the inconsistent dualist are also each telling exactly a half-truth.
There has been zero decline from that time which is inconsistent with the predictions.
Both are incredibly successful in their own domains, but they are inconsistent with one another.
The codes will match if the image is authentic but will be inconsistent if tampering occurred.
And a doomsday scenario is inconsistent with the strength of equity markets.
Accounts of what's going on in the housing market are similarly inconsistent.
What such an approach provides is a certain flexibility to jettison those hadiths which are inconsistent now with modernity.
Emulation can be expensive and inconsistent with the artist's intent.
Entrees are a different matter, and the preparations can be inconsistent.
Grading systems can be as inconsistent and ineffective as evaluation systems.
But enforcement is split between two agencies and often inconsistent.
Other scientists trying to reproduce the seemingly simple experiment found the effects fickle and inconsistent.
Governments are wildly inconsistent in their approach to extended producer responsibility.
But all these, too, are inconsistent with the big picture.
Results continued to be really inconsistent for the triglycerides group.
His account to various news outlets is inconsistent.
But here its policy is fortunately inconsistent, and so a number of fine old names have escaped.
Some universities seem to have used inconsistent definitions of the starting line.
The highest priorities that govern our decisions have competing and sometimes inconsistent definitions of success.
There's nothing inconsistent with basic economic theory in externalities.
After all any inconsistent theory can prove anything and so, it contradicts any experimental results.
Inconsistent theories are rejected at any cost in logic and mathematics as it fails to discern what is true and what is false.
It was fast, but its interfaces were inconsistent, and programs kept on breaking.
In hunter-gatherer societies, the males were often gone and the food supply was inconsistent.
Their wildly inconsistent application of the rule suggests that they really wanted to toss out evidence they found distasteful.
But this sentence isn't merely inconsistent with the paragraph.
Which is not to say the movement isn't incoherent, inconsistent, and lacking a clear program.
But, with the knowledge of those times, the truths appeared to be inconsistent.
As the protagonist loses his grip on reality, scenes are jumbled together and the art becomes sketchy and inconsistent.
And it's not as though asking for a smart, active government is inconsistent with an innovation policy.
She's so inconsistent that the way she reacts to things can seem slightly off.
The administration's actions were inconsistent with torture.
And so one might expect that they, too, are either inconsistent or incomplete.
Some studies have also found magnesium deficiencies in patients with depression, although the evidence is inconsistent.
These small samples and imprecise measures might explain why the results have been so inconsistent.
However, the water evidence from these missions is inconsistent.
Because of stretching and movement, the product shielding is inconsistent.
But your last sentence is inconsistent with the rest of your argument.
But the issues are complicated, and many proposals inconsistent.
Humans have been inconsistent and foolish throughout history.
Language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization, and is not tolerated.
Given such heterogeneities, leaders must be vague, ambiguous and inconsistent.
But, the bottom line is that the guy is inconsistent.
And the judging was every bit as inconsistent as the skating.
Because both kitchens are inconsistent and turn out many disappointing dishes, the rating represents an average.
Nor is it the witless writing or the hectic, inconsistent acting.
Jennings got off to a hot start this season and then became inconsistent.
He's been highly inconsistent this season and owners are near the end of their rope.
In the rest of the world, that's no debate: inadequate and inconsistent financial regulation is uniformly blamed.
We're not asking whether reproductive cloning is consistent or inconsistent with the common moral background of this country.

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