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Perhaps it is the incongruity that moves us, such large enthusiasms in such small bodies.
One only needs to look at the number of remedial courses offered to see the incongruity.
The incongruity is when the taxpayer is required to finance or to pick-up the bill for losses when high-risk businesses fail.
It's the incongruity of the patent holders with their invention, as much as the invention itself, that is remarkable.
From this simple mathematical incongruity can be derived many of the fabled horrors of the music industry.
And any one who permits himself this incongruity is likely to be betrayed into actual blunders.
The delicious incongruity between our superficiality and our importance.
The final wisdom of life requires, not the annulment of incongruity but the achievement of serenity within and above it.
Her parties have always a certain romance and distinction from the presence of this incongruity.
It's the simple appeal of the incongruity between suburbia and wild animal that was almost riveting to see.
The incongruity of the picture isn't shy, the way it stares you in the face.
Abrams, the writer and director and presiding pop-culture guru-geek, is surely aware of the incongruity.
Suddenly they no longer seemed familiar, and a feeling of dreamlike incongruity came over her.
He realizes that his incongruity is his only charm, that he is a plastic flower upon which a beautiful butterfly has lit.
Subjects characterized their positive relationships in terms of support and their negative relationships in terms of incongruity.
Incongruity and surprise also play an important part in humor and occur in many children's books.
It highlights a different form of incongruity which has to do with the violation of expectations, intentionally or otherwise.

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