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Best thing you can do if a reporter starts writing science is to take it as mostly inaccurate or incomplete.
Incomplete composting lowers the value of the finished product and makes recycling and composting more costly.
He suspects that the chamber was intended to be much larger but was left incomplete.
The enclosed instructions were confused and made no mention that the software was incomplete with some features inactivated.
These measurements, however, were inaccurate and incomplete.
And sometimes a knife-wielding vandal decides that a precious rock-art panel is incomplete because it doesn't bear his initials.
The electrification of personal vehicles, however, offers an incomplete solution.
Today, both the fencing and structures are incomplete.
The graphics below are our incomplete attempt to do so.
Less understood, however, is what becomes of those patterns at moments of incomplete recall.
Many stories in the media appear incomplete, making it difficult to figure out how much really paid in so far.
But that environment is incomplete without the reason that humans chew in the first place: food.
But the caricature of dopamine as simply the chemical of hedonism is woefully incomplete.
Questions are all incomplete, with the missing word of each filled in using the numerical result of a die roll.
The normal living cell is something of which our knowledge is both enormously extensive and utterly incomplete.
The evidence presented here is incomplete and unconvincing.
Yet for decades scientists embraced a picture that was incomplete.
But attempts to determine the fallout have proved incomplete.
Change that was tragic only to the degree that it was incomplete.
It's such a natural and obvious question to ask that any article reporting this without addressing it is incomplete.
Perhaps there is truth in it, but it is still contentious, and it is at best horribly incomplete.
Revisiting historical data is difficult because of incomplete information in a number of areas.
There are spiritual equivalents of science, however, seeking to understand while admitting knowledge always is incomplete.
Strictly speaking, his proof does not show that mathematics is incomplete.
The second sentence in the first paragraph is incomplete.
It was actually not much longer than this incomplete summary.
They employ complex models and incomplete information, risking false alarms and missed outbreaks.
Thus the picture was an incomplete and primitive one.
He, on the other hand, would have to have his oil-heat system examined for incomplete burning.
Your post is woefully incomplete and lacking support by reliable sources.
Plants did not evolve to serve humans, and their sets of genes are incomplete for our purposes.
Many valid points have been made and knowledge is certainly incomplete.
Observation here could be of several of the universes at once that are incomplete but probable into the future.
You're better off in the dining room, where a friendly hostess doesn't flinch at seating an incomplete party.
Since headlines never tally the children who are saved, the measures are incomplete.
Forty per cent of coronary-disease patients and sixty per cent of asthma patients receive incomplete or inappropriate care.
Half of patients or more in our communities receive incomplete or inadequate care.
She began also to read histories of the school crisis, and was shocked to see how incomplete they were.
The questioning was incomplete, full of opportunities never pursued, and further weakened by an incompetent interpreter.
But two trends are progressively rendering this view incomplete.
But that story is so incomplete as to mislead policy makers.
Unification is no longer new and exciting, but it remains incomplete.
Last year a new bankruptcy law came into effect, but it is incomplete and poorly understood.
The simplest approach to such a building is what might be called the owl solution-in other words, incomplete rotation.
Moreover, all such instant judgments are based not only on incomplete knowledge but also on untestable what-ifs.
The snag is that labour productivity is an incomplete gauge of efficiency.
Unlike checkers or chess, at which machines have also had notable success, poker is a game of incomplete information.
Such latent prints are often incomplete and indistinct, and might not produce unique matches.
The trouble is that the information is often incomplete, irrelevant or outright incomprehensible.
But the revolution he made was decidedly incomplete.
Some suspected that the models used to justify the flight ban were based on sketchy data and incomplete science.
In a panic, incomplete paperwork could cause the whole system to collapse amid disputes about who owns which liabilities.
His story of what is happening today shows prescience, even if it is necessarily incomplete.
All decisions are made with incomplete knowledge and a degree of uncertainty.
Then the pressure of impending deadlines and incomplete essays intensified.
While the wall is still incomplete, the soldiers often tolerate their infractions.
At the same time the fair-value revolution is incomplete.
The first is that fingerprints found at crime scenes tend to be incomplete.
Interesting data, but unfortunately incomplete if one wants to get a strong sense of why folks vote the way they do.
These accomplishments are real, but they are incomplete.
Simple graduation-rate measures give an incomplete picture of this success.
Here is a thread, but the lists in it seemed to be incomplete.
Each of those people told me what they believed to be true-but their interpretations were incomplete.
But the way to improve an incomplete measure of success is to gather more measures, not fewer.
It appears that many of the comments here reflect an incomplete reading of the article.
The great tragedy is that knowledge-even incomplete-comes late.
Don't be so short that you're incomplete, but don't babble on either.
Add humor and hype, daring and dancing, and still the list is incomplete.
He kept all his life a feeling that his early education had been incomplete.
As for geographical names, the material available is confined chiefly to incomplete and chaotic word-lists.
As regards philosophy, as distinguished from material science and from history, the specialization has been incomplete.
Most of his biographers-and among them there are some who are themselves historical-have left that colossal figure incomplete.
The walls of these small vessels are incomplete so that the blood is brought into direct relationship with the liver cells.
He tried to smile, but there was something helpless and incomplete in his pale smile.
The furrows are of two kinds, complete and incomplete.
According to such theories, quantum mechanics is statistical because it gives an incomplete description of reality.
Without its cosmic resolution the drama is incomplete.
But their accounts have necessarily been short and incomplete.
The euro was an incomplete currency and its architects knew it.
For example, his quotation from the opening line of his article is incomplete in one seemingly tiny but interesting way.
And so one might expect that they, too, are either inconsistent or incomplete.
It allows us to squeeze inferential juice from incomplete prior knowledge of the state of nature.
For a start, the fossil record is incomplete and many species are known only from small fragments.
As that smile hints, his answer is truthful but wildly incomplete.
But the trap-jaw ants had built more of a sprawling nest, one that would lose real character-and data-if it was incomplete.
If he can make a prediction that doesn't come from the theory, then the theory is incomplete.
Humphreys and his colleagues told their subjects to cross out all the complete apples and leave the incomplete ones alone.
But many physicists believe that this traditional textbook explanation is incomplete.
Li's team believes that this incomplete shell represents an intermediate step along the evolutionary path to the modern version.
Until these questions are answered, romance science will remain incomplete.
Economists who should have been the scientists to point out that the models were incomplete failed completely.
We know our understanding of particle physics is incomplete, so there must be something else.
But these are manifestations of the underlying laws, not signs that our understanding of the laws are incomplete.
The list of items that is given as things one has to do is incomplete.
It must also be complete in that if it were incomplete, then the whole state collapses.
But the point is that if you already know that your theory is incomplete, betting your life on it is foolish.
Or they did and they had to run away, and left the calendar incomplete.
We have to constantly draw conclusions in our everyday life based on incomplete and imperfect evidence.
But there's much about this conversation that's fleeting, incomplete and evasive.
Failure of any of these components results in incomplete combustion and poor performance of the catalytic converter.
First, researchers have had an incomplete picture of the dragline silk gene sequence.
Round disks as particle model are incomplete for both shape and dimension.
Newton was terrifically incomplete for many reasons.
So there's not necessarily an advantage to having built in maps if those maps are incomplete.
They are almost never the panel type mentioned in the article so you have incomplete information.
Incomplete combustion of ethanol produces carcinogens and ethanol can't be easily transported as it is corrosive.
But his research on the refugee problem remained incomplete.
But, information is too incomplete, and too much is in flux for meaningful comment today.
With no words and no art, without a penetrating and synthesizing process of thought, for me a butterfly would remain incomplete.
So, caveat lector, we're looking at incomplete and only suggestive data.
To me, government behavior is at best an incredibly incomplete explanation of what's happening.
Efforts towards the second and third goals have been incomplete.
But this history is inconclusive, because it is incomplete.
Joe never would have told me that he thought the dish incomplete.
There is one small problem to this story: it is badly incomplete.
Of course, that number is incomplete, and includes only those who actually risked their lives.
But in terms of buggy, incomplete games reaching the marketplace, the hobby is doing great damage to itself.
While they are certainly playing a role, these two factors provide an incomplete picture.
The two accounts are both worth reading, and arguably incomplete without one another.
The committee's response to the incomplete record was to leave the question of authority hanging.
Today, any trip to the city is incomplete without a visit to a ship heaved a mile inland and stranded amid the houses.
But while these explanations may be valid, they are also incomplete.
The data, which may be incomplete, holds some surprises.

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