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In such business, if an agent is unskillful or from any cause incompetent, he is immediately discharged.
It has been pronounced not delightful by persons not incompetent: it can never, by any such, be pronounced not great.
He whose thoughts run in sober channels is incompetent to declare whether or not the jest is a good one.
The soldiers, illiterate but sturdy peasants, were often misused by incompetent officers.
The hatchery was an incompetent operation that ceased functioning after a few years.
People were shocked that he allowed some of his incompetent workers to stay on after a mistake.
Is our largest automaker really that incompetent that they can't create a good hybrid that is inexpensive without huge subsidies.
Booth often features cartoons about incompetent car mechanics and dog-infested car garages.
Some are deemed geniuses, others inspiring leaders, while others are labelled incompetent buffoons.
If he had first gotten rid of a few who were loyal but incompetent, the episode might have turned out quite differently.
It's possible that your advisor and/or your whole program is incompetent.
Allow for the possibility that editing you disagree with is not incompetent.
Many were semi-incompetent but benign, a few actively harmed their departments.
Trelawney really was utterly incompetent and should have been put out on the street.
Most corporations are internally wasteful and incompetent.
He told me of incompetent surgeons with whom he operated who buggered up virtually everything they touched.
Nor were they incompetent, according to the psychiatrists who examined them.
Incompetent authority figures appear to be having a moment at the multiplex.
If he really did not know and for nine months did not bother to find out, he is surely an irresponsible and incompetent executive.
But as the agency to run social services, it has proved almost totally incompetent.
Unfortunately, without licensing you'll welcome incompetent lawyers into the market.
But under these guys our government got larger than ever before and ever more incompetent, fumbling.
The citizens who abstain are, on average, even more incompetent.
But it does matter in the practice of incompetent, harmful and even fraudulent therapy.
But an impaired or incompetent physician can present a real risk to patients.
However, this is not always easy, especially for incompetent individuals.
Incompetent profiteers on one hand, incompetent megalomaniacs on the other.
Incompetent use of the circuitry can cause a disaster, it is possible to generate high voltages in the millions of volts.
It is time to add jail sentences for being proven incompetent if not a liar.
It is nothing more than incompetent design and implementation from the top down.
People who are incompetent do not have enough knowledge to know they are incompetent.
Being an introvert does not mean being incompetent, shy, or even reticent.
The problem with people who are incompetent is that they do not have enough sense to know they are incompetent.
Where the article is correct is its perception of the bureaucratic nightmare of small-minded incompetent clerks.
He can be quick to dismiss those who falter as incompetent or lacking in motivation.
The questioning was incomplete, full of opportunities never pursued, and further weakened by an incompetent interpreter.
If only they could be neutralized, then principals could fire those who are incompetent or fail to raise test scores.
But those negligent, incompetent fools deserve it.
The officers are venal, violent and incompetent, systematically pilfering the soldiers' rations.
Secular haunted houses are incompetent to address these dangers.
Worse, the government's poor management of several crises makes it seem incompetent.
They also claim that the defence lawyer was incompetent.
His government has turned out to be as incompetent, aimless and tainted by scandal as its predecessors.
Bankers are widely condemned either as greedy usurers or as incompetent fools.
She wants faster reforms, for example in energy, plus the sacking of incompetent ministers.
Oh, and one greedy, incompetent banker has got his mitts on some undeserved millions.
It isn't because they're underage or non-citizens or mentally incompetent.
Either the rate is much higher as they don't want to look extremely incompetent.
Those people who felt more powerful and more incompetent picked the harshest punishments, the study found.
The funny part is this is a incompetent federal agency at work.
If you can't prevent the problems, you are accused of being incompetent.
Clearly any theologian who disagrees with you is incompetent.
Showing an incompetent cold reader is actually quite useful in exposing how these charlatans work.
If you tell me they did not know then they are incompetent.
In my particular location, it meant the hiring of incompetent people to meet a quota.
Get rid of the incompetent managers, the lazy workers and those who make things harder rather than easier.
But it does help to weed out the thoroughly incompetent outright crazy stuff that absolutely should have never been published.
It doesn't further the plot, and only labels the makers as being incompetent.
The air quality board, which drives much of this stuff, has been shown to be incompetent and utterly politicized.
It may even be reproducible to you, unless you are completely incompetent.
The court shall cause the proposed incompetent, if able to attend, to be produced at the hearing.

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