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There will be more, given our increasing ability to keep people alive long past the point of mental incompetence.
Stein criticized hospitals and doctors for failing to report doctors suspected of incompetence or malpractice.
Don't attribute anything to malevolence that can be explained by simple incompetence.
The administration's difficulties with various nominees have created an unfortunate impression of incompetence.
The refinery itself was undamaged, though it's unclear if that's by design or incompetence.
The notion of suing for other kinds of professional incompetence soon followed.
It has turned into a hot-bed of race-fighting, white-guilt pandering and in-your-face incompetence.
Lesser spies would have retreated from the public eye after their own incompetence blew their cover.
The system with many outstanding faculty suffers from administrative bloat, incompetence and not a little viciousness.
Incompetence in civilian life, in commerce or in the professions, can have serious consequences.
In the end, the only stability their resulting incompetence could afford them was government employment.
He was investigated by his university, which found no evidence of incompetence or fraud.
As more evidence of incompetence emerges, the government's reforms look too timid.
And even the incompetence has not been all his fault.
That's why they created this world-wide agencies to cover their tracks and plead ignorance or incompetence.
Yes, you're right, let them wallow in their own incompetence.
Many see openness as a cure for corruption and incompetence in public administration.
Colleagues who are always late are revealing signs of a larger incompetence in many other, less visible, parts of their lives.
But thanks to incompetence and corruption, vast shipments of food rotted before reaching the shops.
Unfortunately, corruption and incompetence is an ubiquitous part of our world.
It's incompetence, after all, and academic freedom does not protect incompetence.
If he knew nothing of what was going on he should be sacked for incompetence.
But what's really offputting about this article is the fact that you seem to delight in your own incompetence.
The higher up you go, the more incompetence you find.
The book describes the regime's repression, corruption and incompetence at home, and its aggression and subversion abroad.
And incompetence is not sufficient reason to revoke a license.
She had difficulties with their incompetence and now she is having problems with search committees.
In eight cases, the doctor was found guilty of negligence and incompetence.
She avoids criticising the present government for its corruption and incompetence.
Your best bet is to throw your weight around in such a way that the dean's incompetence affects lots of other people on campus.
The thing that has always struck me about the novel is the bleakness and incompetence of many of the characters.
However, the latest commotion appears to have involved as much incompetence as calculation.
Your dean has really risen to the highest level of his incompetence.
And then before you know it you have a culture of tolerated incompetence.
At the bottom of it is always professional incompetence and inability which they try to hide by being socially active.
But it will do little to pacify citizens angered by official corruption, incompetence and negligence.
The electoral commission put the figure at a few tens of thousands, and ascribed the problem to incompetence.
Many of the issues you're talking about are consequences of poor working conditions, and not teacher's incompetence.
The crisis owes far more to incompetence than criminality.
The resulting corruption and incompetence have squandered much public trust.
Part of the reason is incompetence, part is semi-official policy.
Technological backwardness, sheer incompetence, the intellectual effects of decades of self-imposed isolation-all possible.
Do not project your glaring incompetence on me, amigo.
They were sick of partisan gridlock and general incompetence.
How greed, incompetence, and neglect led to bad decisions.
The egg deliveries were mixed due to general incompetence.
It indicts all faculty athletics representatives with a label that suggests not only failure, but incompetence.
For me, it was a case of utter failure, of incompetence among journalists.
Bad experiences with immigration is not necessarily a sign of incompetence.
Here's one: fire bad teachers at the first signs of blatant incompetence, and start with the bigots.
So, tenure is not the only system that can promote laziness and incompetence.
Not only did he fail to bag the beast, but he also alienated the natives through his condescension and incompetence.
When they think of rebuilding, they are handicapped by penny-pinching authorities and incompetence.
Doctors tend to make up diseases to cover up medical incompetence.
What happened there did not result from operator error, or a design flaw, or incompetence.
People are upset only because of the incompetence of the cowboy, not because they are being led to the slaughterhouse.
It is pure incompetence and corruption of the academic system.
In the newspapers, these problems were looked upon as a lot of bumbling and incompetence.
On the contrary, airs of vacuity and incompetence are deliberately affected.
In terms of offering consumers legitimate movie downloads, disunity and incompetence have been the order of the day.
There was, in fact, total professional naïveté as well as considerable technical incompetence.
From a technical standpoint it was for both sides a marvel of military incompetence.
Back when the financial crisis struck, investors threw up their hands and began screaming about the rating agencies' incompetence.
Modest incompetence is insufficient-if you merely destroy your own company, you won't get rescued.
How this came about is a sorry tale of greed, haste and incompetence.
Company executives then compounded incompetence with deceit.
His principal charge is incompetence, and this he pursues with the zeal of a prosecutor.
Again, in other words, economic incompetence and political paralysis go hand in hand.
Besides bureaucratic incompetence and inertia, there are three main reasons for this inaction.
It thrived until last year's famine exposed its incompetence and cruelty.
They even put one of them on trial for incompetence.
Incompetence is the more likely reason for the poor calls, however.
His critics say he's demanding, quick to anger, and intolerant of what he considers incompetence.
Petty corruption and incompetence are endemic in local government.
Indeed, for many modern viewers, the lure of race-cast movies is their incompetence.

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