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Palm trees are also used for producing crops and marketable agricultural commodities including coconuts, dates and oils.
From the perspective of a single day, including this day of dedication, the issues and questions before our country are many.
It is equally the source of pleasure in variety, and in fact a higher term including both.
The moon is about to get some new visitors-including one on a suicide mission.
Have students look into local natural hazards, including past events and future risks.
These studies blamed the extinctions on climate change-including the last ice age-instead.
Names don't last forever, including those on desktop globes.
Historians now, including myself, do feel that he rallied from that start and became a formidably good president.
Three-quarters of the adjustment will come from spending cuts, including cuts in welfare.
So big mobile operators, including those from emerging economies, are looking for growth wherever it can be found.
Many are media trained, including broadcast and radio, and have extensive interview experience.
Both groups shared roughly the same demographics, including smokers vs nonsmokers.
Indicators can be extracted from many different sources, including the pigment of many plants.
To trim weight, researchers have tried several approaches, including the use of thin films of materials laid down as inks.
Under their canopies grow mossy meadows of wildflowers, including buttercups and star- shaped blue camas.
Bush, including regional seminars in rural areas that help community colleges apply for federal grants.
Plenty of recipes tell you to discard the stems, including the linked one above, but try leaving them in.
The rediscovery of nutmeg also brings a touch of history with it, including one rather unexpected detour.
We have evaluated these robots over the last four years, including in three trials.
Residents were evacuated quickly, leaving behind many things, including pets and livestock.
Medical illustrations, including those of the life of an embryo in the womb decorate the wall.
They agreed, with a number of restrictions, including that one of them be in the room at all times when she was on the site.
It's part of the desire to know more about diseases, including how and when they evolved.
Only a handful of species, including humans and certain birds, can make a huge and ever-changing variety of sounds.
Most animals, including our great-ape relatives, tend to make the same patterns of sound repeatedly.
Eventually, the technology could help enable a range of applications, including wall-sized displays.
E-ink competes in several product categories including e-readers and electronic signage.
The group demonstrated the self-healing system in various coatings, including in a commercial military ship paint.
The new sticky tape could also be made into drug-delivery patches for placement directly on organs including the heart.
There are a number of strategies for doing this, including reactions that rely on biological catalysts.
Six more, including a senior member of my team, were seriously wounded.
From the facts of nature, including the laws, you can derive logically that this brain must be conscious.
From the facts of nature, including the laws, you can derive that this pig can't fly.

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