incised in a sentence

Example sentences for incised

The pot allegedly had waveforms etched into a groove as a potter incised a line with a stylus while the pot spun.
Faint lines and hatching patterns were incised into the plaster, creating two-tone designs.
Some were greetings from friends, carefully incised around the edges of frescoes in the home's finest room.
Researchers also found flint tools, axes, and incised tokens.
Incised in the metal is a two-pronged emblem topped by a cross.
Other, cruder images surrounding the giraffes were likely incised much more recently.
Its surface was covered with exquisite incised calligraphy.
The district is characterized by deeply incised creek valleys that are actively down-cutting the terrain.
Notice the incised decorations on the tool which resemble those found on some clay pots.
The peritoneum is incised over the right side of the promontory.
Further, there is a need for comprehensive computer models that simulate the long-term morphology of incised channels.
The wing walls are detailed with two incised lines near the top, identical to the bridge's pier detailing.
The interior is decorated with two incised dragons chasing flaming pearls around the cavetto and covered with colorless glaze.
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