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Cell phones are a surrogate telecom infrastructure for the nation's incipient economy.
But a number of specific themes have punctuated their discourse, lending it an incipient plausibility and coherence.
It need not be supposed that all varieties or incipient species attain the rank of species.
The symptom in the true neuroses is frequently the nucleus and incipient stage of development of the psychoneurotic symptom.
These economic and demographic changes have fueled the incipient debate over immigration policy.
From a detail of political etiquette, he could infer the incipient mentality of the totalitarian.
He has dark eyes, incipient jowls, and a manner that can change in a moment from expansively genial to theatrically menacing.
It seems there were probably many incipient domestication events across the shared wolf human range.
These extra calories can make all the difference to an incipient fire ant colony.
If there really was a connection between atmospheric phenomena and incipient earthquakes, surely there would be evidence for it.
And, it is not true that incipient stages are completely useless.
In the kernel of an idea lies that idea's incipient obsolescence.
The anxiety has been sharpened by the incipient mining boom.
It was the direct result of not having enough troops on the ground to suppress any incipient resistance movements.
It seems a world away from the incipient revolution proclaimed on the nightly news.
His first observation was that bystanders frequently intervene in incipient fights.
The result could be a sharp rise in bond yields, threatening any incipient recovery.
While aboard a freight train, an incipient fistfight suddenly melts into a clinch.
Thirteen counties were downgraded to incipient status.
Additional training requirements for employees expected to fight incipient stage fires.

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