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Example sentences for incident

The first incident was within a week of going vegetarian.
In fact, the strength depends on the frequency and intensity of incident light.
She reports the incident to the university police, and they conduct an investigation.
If this were an isolated incident, one need not be overly concerned.
Any attention that you bring to this incident might reflect badly on you.
Another incident was when a student touched my hand.
All accounts of this incident agree that the victims' mouths and extremities were blue.
So the later exploration of language involves the same kind of incident as the earlier exploration.
The incident could conceivably have been caused by binge drinking.
The incident was almost certainly an attempted car bombing.
They said the incident was contrived to attract sympathy votes.
The arguments are over the nebulous facts of a particular incident.
The incident that appears to have slighted the finance minister came in the midst of budget-drafting last month.
In the event, the millennium dawned without incident.
In the end, both students got through their speeches-Kylie's was about integrity-without incident.
The central incident here-the necktie, the accusation of trafficking-came from her.
Political inaction is already a serious problem and not directly related to this incident.
During the second plane incident and the subsequent pause, there was also the wailing for a fire siren.
The removal of the maps was hardly an isolated incident.
One incident has bearing upon his conception of performance of duty without fear or favor.
My theory is that it has less to do with causing an incident and more to do with survival in case of an incident.
In the flotilla incident, after two minutes the world was against us.
Energy waves, incident radiation code words and ceremonial phrases.
When they were preparing the film for that program, an incident occurred which others who were present forgot.
The isolated location of the grounding and rough seas restricted cleanup efforts for the two weeks following the incident.
Additional information about that incident wasn't immediately available.
Michelle was shocked and frustrated when her aides approached her the second time about the alleged incident.

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