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Example sentences for inches

Don't keep a hot plate inches away from a large stack of papers.
Raised a few inches above the dining area, the den's floor is covered with pea gravel.
If you need multiple pieces, overlap the mesh by a few inches.
Due to the plodding geological shifts of the continents, the city is sinking at a rate of two and a half inches per decade.
To tap a maple tree, a small hole is drilled about two inches into the tree trunk and a metal or plastic tap is inserted.
Welsh cakes are usually a couple of inches in diameter.
On a good day, an experienced fossil excavator might uncover only a few inches of skeleton.
Instead, they produce powerful aromas to attract our attention from several inches underground.
Most retrospectives feature maquettes a few inches high and photographs of the real thing.
It's big for a brooch, about six inches across and maybe two and a half high.
They were school bus-size creatures with feet only a few inches long, useless for walking.
The edible root, which measures one and a half to two inches in length, resembles a dahlia tuber.
Spread the batter with the back of the spoon until it makes a thin circle three inches across.
Roll pastry one-eighth inch thick, and cut pieces three and one-half inches long by three inches wide.
Shape cream cake mixture four and one-half inches long by one inch wide, by forcing through a pastry bag and tube.
Long sixes were those eight inches long, short sixes were thicker and about five inches long.
Roll to one-third inch in thickness, shape with a fluted round cutter five inches in diameter.
Drop small portions from tip of spoon on a buttered inverted dripping-pan two inches apart.
The atom of gas that still remained lighted did not illuminate a distance of three inches round the burner.
Make a cut in small end of each cutlet, and insert in each a piece of cold boiled macaroni one and one-half inches long.
The bean pod is from seven to ten inches long, and three to four and one-half inches in diameter.
On other hats the width is fixed at about two and a half or three inches.
The cavity occupied by the bees was about three feet and a half long and eight or ten inches in diameter.
It gave him a tremendous forehead, arching up two inches beyond the former hair-line.
The barley had sprouted and sent out shoots two or three inches long.
He was hardly more than five feet, four inches, but carried himself with great dignity.
In many of these cases, individual beaches may be losing only a few inches per year, but in some cases the problem is much worse.
The clear plastic container could be thirty-six inches long, twelve inches wide, and twelve inches deep.
When you're bringing a lot of stuff on an airplane trip, inches and pounds matter.
The standard rain gauge can measure up to two inches of rain.
Precipitation includes rain and melted snow or sleet in inches.
As little as six inches of moving water is enough to float a small car and carry it away.
They typically have screens measuring seven to ten inches diagonally.
Although it averages less than three inches of rain a year, it has all the water it needs.
Such returns keep sponsors sweeter than a bunker shot to six inches.
Much of the central part is broken up by small ridges which stand a few inches above the water.
Yes, you can measure them both in inches, but any conclusions you draw from that comparison is going to be hopelessly flawed.
The way he overcame his lack of inches promises to change the face of cricket by inspiring others of short stature to emulate him.
Many hedge funds are pure traders who buy debt cheaply and try to sell it as the price inches up, looking to make a quick buck.
Most signers made use of a generous circle of space, moving their hands emphatically within a circle thirty inches in diameter.
His lips, ruddy and shapely, were inches from her eyes as he felt for the fit.
So switching a data set measured in inches to one measured in centimetres should not change the distribution.
At nearly six feet, the bride was three inches taller than the groom.
In the morning, he took a bath, drawing the wartime five inches of lukewarm water.
There's a tea table set for two, with silverware and a centerpiece, but it's only five inches high.
In fact, the opposite happened: trees under four inches thick were not affected, but many of the bigger ones died.
We stepped inside and sloshed through water that was three inches deep over the marble floors.
The ribbon, in turn, is suspended from a neckband of light-blue watered-silk ribbon twenty inches long.
One is seventeen inches by twenty-one inches, and painted on rice paper, using only white and gray.
Twenty-one inches was my length, eight pounds five ounces my weight.
The cheese is small-four inches long, one inch high-and it is an orangey-brown color.
The canvas is eighty-eight inches high by sixty-eight wide.
In it were four tubular beige curls, each about six inches long.
Deserts of vast eternity, reduced to three inches by two.
Then someone reaches out and pushes a little piece of wood two inches.
The rock misses his boot by inches and skips down the gully.
Stories lived and died by how many inches a broadsheet had space for.
The mug on my desk is is maybe five inches tall, weighs less than a pound, and is light purple.
There's no question that straightening your hair is bad for it--they cut off three or four inches of basically fried ends.
Qualifications: taller than five feet two inches, younger than twenty-one.
Cut the dough into rounds or rectangles, about two inches across.
The branches- reinforced concrete floors-are cantilevered off it, allowing the floors to taper to as little as three inches thick.
Drop the batter onto the baking sheets by tablespoonfuls, about two inches apart.
No more than a foot wide and eighteen inches long, the stand had a sacred air, as if it belonged on an altar.
Her view of herself has always been as a double amputee, with stumps of five or six inches.
His robot now uses the same motion to move steadily at about three and a half inches per second.
In some places, all that separates the velvety green from the garbage is a few inches of sod.
Soon the ravine echoes with the sound of the chain saws cutting disks a few inches thick from logs two feet in diameter.
Still, she claimed, the shirt can squeeze three inches off your belly.

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