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For example, one-tenth of an inch of rainfall would actually fill an inch of the measuring tube.
Place apples in an eight-inch-by-eight-inch baking pan, or a pottery flat-bottomed bowl.
He was close enough to see the serrated edges on every three-inch tooth.
Less traditional are the bare expanse of taut stomach, the skin-tight hipster trousers and the six-inch stilettos.
Each was determined not to allow the other an inch of cheating-room.
The plastic in the seat is three-sixteenths of an inch thick.
Burrowing owls are playful, nine-inch-tall birds with bold, lemon-colored eyes.
Other myths are represented on inch-high cylinder seals that deliver a visual impact way beyond their size.
Density--the number of knots per inch--is less important to the quality of a wool-on-wool carpet.
The bottom of the sea is cold, dark and under pressures of tons per square inch.
Slack gently loosens the bat's claws from the rock and slips the four-inch-long animal into a brown paper bag.
Four small loopholes-three-inch-wide openings in the wall-would have allowed sentries to observe anyone who approached.
Every inch was ornamented to catch the light-and the czar's attention.
In this particular specimen that process is missing a piece of bone measuring about an inch and a half square.
The soft-bodied animals, a fraction of an inch long, resemble twigs and gumdrops in shape.
Afterward, the caldera began deflating by three-quarters of an inch a year.
Roll to one-third inch in thickness, shape with a fluted round cutter five inches in diameter.
Cut remnants of cold broiled steak or roast beef in one-inch cubes.
Roll puff or plain paste one-eighth inch thick, cut in two and one-half inch squares, and bake in hot oven.
Cut beef tenderloin in slices one inch thick, and trim into circular shapes.
After cooking one hour add one-half cup each carrot and turnip cut in one-half inch cubes, and one onion cut in slices.
Roll puff paste one-eighth inch thick and shape, using circular cutters of different sizes.
Cut through rind of remaining pork every one-half inch, making cuts one inch deep.
Shape with a small round cutter, first dipped in sugar, or cut with a sharp knife in three-fourth inch squares.
Brush over with melted butter, fold from ends toward centre to make three layers and cut off pieces three-fourths inch wide.
Clean eels, cut in two-inch pieces, and parboil eight minutes.
Cut rings from a bright red pepper one-third inch wide.
Roll puff or plain paste one-eighth inch thick, and cut in rounds of correct size to cover inverted circular tins.
Pare an egg plant, cut in one-fourth inch slices, and soak over night in cold salted water.
Cut honeycomb tripe in pieces two inches long by one-half inch wide, having three cupfuls.
Roll plain paste one-eighth inch thick, and cut in pieces four by three and one-half inches.
Skin and cut stalks of rhubarb in half-inch pieces before measuring.
Roll puff or plain paste to one-fourth inch in thickness.
Core, pare, and cut apples in one-third inch slices.
Shape cream cake mixture four and one-half inches long by one inch wide, by forcing through a pastry bag and tube.
Surround with two borders of mashed potatoes, one-inch apart, forced through a pastry bag and tube.
Pound veal until one-fourth inch thick and cut in pieces for serving.
Cut five medium-sized cold boiled sweet potatoes in one-third inch slices.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll out to one-half inch in thickness.
Add remaining ingredients, toss on a board sprinkled with powdered sugar, and roll to one-third inch in thickness.
Roll pastry one-eighth inch thick, and cut pieces three and one-half inches long by three inches wide.
Roll puff paste to one-eighth inch thickness, and cut in rounds.
Crease in three-inch squares, and bake in a slow oven until delicately browned.
Drop mixture by teaspoonfuls on a thoroughly greased inverted dripping-pan one inch apart.
Chill, toss one-half mixture on a floured board, and roll one-eighth inch thick.
If rolls are not available, bread cut in about two-inch-thick slices, is cut cross-ways again in three.
Cover bottom of hot pan with some of beef fat tried out from roast, pour mixture in pan one-half inch deep.
Turn into a buttered shallow pan to the depth of one-fourth inch.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll to three fourths inch in thickness.
Lawns demand about an inch of water each week during the growing season.
From outdoor living rooms to creative sleeping solutions, every square inch has been put to use.
When the flowers arrive home, half an inch to an inch of the stem should be cut off.
New, flat, high-strength steel belts of similar strength may be less than one-fourth-inch thick.
They're space efficient too: a one-inch-thick ash panel equals today's four-inch-thick polystyrene panels.
That's twice more power per cubic inch than your car.
The gallium nitride is grown on two- to four-inch sapphire or silicon carbide wafers.
It's thousands of pounds per square inch coming up the hole.
The device resembles a nine-inch hollow worm with a small camera inside it.
The team started with a seven-inch, commercial, single-input touch screen.
Philosophers are content to hem and haw around one question for centuries without ever making an inch of tangible progress.
As generations of prospectors have since discovered, gaining that inch can be perilous.
As the conservators lifted the backing away, inch by inch, they felt a growing sense of awe.
The tamper fragment was half an inch wide, an inch long, and two inches deep.
From his red head to his wading shoes, he was every inch a king, and around the middle as well.
They do not attempt the six-inch heels they routinely send down the runway.
Greenberg's half-inch stack of microfilm printouts makes interesting reading.
The cheese is small-four inches long, one inch high-and it is an orangey-brown color.
Each one is about an inch in length and together, they can build nests that measure a few metres across.
Scattered among the reddish-brown pebbles are several tiny green nubs, none more than a fraction of an inch high.
And it should allow us to detect objects a half an inch or so in size.
Each zooid is less than a tenth of an inch long and lives in its own tube or tiny depression, depending on the species.
Each conveyor belt is separated from the next by a six- to eight-inch space, known as an air jump.
The officers were vibrating with rage and one of them was an inch from my face.
We haven't moved an inch, and everything has changed.
Inside the square, there was barely an inch to move.
Gingerly, you inch your thirty thousand tons up there past the bull nose.
The coppery-colored, half-inch-long adult beetles have been attacking plants.
Put the turnips in a saucepan and add enough cold water to come about one inch up the sides.
Next time you pose for a cover photograph, try dropping your chin one inch or so.
But this exploration of the desire for desire, an intrinsically gripping theme, is about an inch deep.
Her parents have had their house all her life, so she knows every inch of the area.
Following an afternoon of frantic e-mail exchanges, you inch your way home through the same traffic.
Nearby, not much bigger, there's a glittering silver castle with twin turrets-you'd need to be a half-inch tall to enter.

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