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Celebrities have walked the gallery's halls from its inception.
Roger was being a bit hyperbolic when he claimed to have entered practically all of the contests since its inception.
It is the inherent right of the new life to have its inception in such physical ground, in such spiritual atmosphere.
Since the inception of the national marine park, the recovery is simply astounding.
He has led the development of commercial human spaceflight and the space tourism industry since its inception.
The shuttle was much more expensive than anyone anticipated at its inception.
Since my article's inception, half of us have changed our research interests.
The three sports that have been under their watchful eye since the report's inception continue to post higher marks every year.
The actual project has been underfunded, quite seriously, almost since its inception.
Sample size in particular was a prime concern for us from the inception of the study.
There was a ton of people who were really irate with the space shuttle, going back to its inception.
Video games and software have been targets since their inception.
Since the inception of the machine, medicine has recorded cognitive decline inpatients hooked up to it.
From its inception, the software has been popular with government agencies, particularly intelligence services.
It is the latest misadventure for a government that has been stumbling since its inception.
From its inception, the concept has been defined in terms of information.
The basic concept of traveling and staying in a hotel hasn't really changed since its inception.
Any site that decides to adopt the widget will receive its share of fees collected from the service's inception.
Most of their jobs have gone forever because of the inception of the new skill made available in their companies.
Personal genomics has, since its inception, been predominantly a game played by white people.
Since its inception, the cruise industry has experienced rapid and dynamic change.
We have lived up to the promise made at our inception.

Famous quotes containing the word inception

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