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They're convinced painters are incapable of reason and oblivious to real-world matters.
His government was also incapable of agreeing on, and then steering through parliament, the necessary measures.
The queen bee is incapable of feeding herself or grooming herself.
For years, scientists believed that damaged nerve tissue could not be repaired because neurons are incapable of regeneration.
West seems virtually incapable of making a bad record.
All by itself it renders the project incapable of finding out what the researchers say they wanted to find out.
In research labs, captive mothers are often incapable of raising their infants.
But these students are completely incapable of explaining why they are doing the research.
Incapable of finding enough mates to ensure their survival, the dinosaurs were wiped out.
People are incapable of organizing groups, planning,and finding inspiration without leadership.
Surgeons can also cut living brains without fear of hurting their patients-the organ is incapable of feeling pain.
It looks incapable of dealing with the daunting problems of today's world.
They're so soft that they're almost incapable of penetrating the body.
The more that happens, the more engineers closest to the technology become incapable of contributing improvements to it.
They've also been incapable of predicting what thought patterns an image would provoke.
Her relatives have contended that she was physically incapable of attacking the officers.
If they are incapable of making a convincing argument, then too bad.
They are incapable of surviving much north of where they are right now.
In a cell they can migrate, and need to be intrinsically incapable of accidentally interacting with each other.
The only condition is that those results be accurately appraised and that no large proportion of them be incapable of measurement.
Sociopaths have shown that they are incapable of ever empathizing or feeling for other living things.
The embryonic pancreas was incapable of secreting insulin and other hormones by itself.
Well, that doesn't necessarily mean you're incapable of metaphor.
It is said that these insects are not dreaded as much as locusts, and will be incapable of doing much damage.
These proved a disaster, partly because mobile devices were incapable of taking full advantage of such networks.
To show you as one-sided, incapable of unbiased thought, yes.
Some medical people argue even now that beryllium is incapable of causing disease.
Too often people think one or more failed attempts mean they are incapable of quitting.
They are motivated by greed and fear and are therefore incapable of rational thought.
Apparently you don't know the difference, and are incapable of comprehending the difference when told.
It is interesting how many posters have proven themselves to be incapable of logical thought.
She was simply incapable of malice, cruelty, or guile.
He is incapable of lying, of understanding metaphor or jokes.
They are completely self-absorbed, incapable of empathy and prone to fits of complete denial.
Unless your parents are physically incapable of working, it puzzles me enormously.
It portrays the doctor as a tireless community servant who is incapable of violence.
The result was a plant with extra-large seeds incapable of dispersal in the wild, dependent entirely on people to sow them.
Those that are incapable of functioning in the academic world get forced in private industry.
We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.
If you are incapable of using your senses, perhaps you shouldn't be steeping into an area where you could be killed.
Motor implants let paralyzed people operate computers and physical objects but are incapable of giving feedback to the brain.
Science is incapable of attributing meaning to anything.
These are incapable of supporting life-as-we-know-it.
Since the regime's founding, they have been taught to think that they are a unique race, incapable of evil.
Villages and rural communities lack economies of scale and are incapable of delivering the same network effects as cities.
The trouble is that these bureaucracies are often inefficient, understaffed and incapable of working properly in rural areas.
Yes, this coalition is structurally incapable of throwing around partisan red meat, says one.
Why they and their politicians appear incapable of generating real economic development.
But the coalition is increasingly incapable of rising to such challenges.
These are a form of shorthand, for reaching that section of our populace which appears incapable of reading.
They can greatly cheapen the bills, but they are incapable of supplying the civilized world alone.
Simply because you are incapable of seeing the pattern does not intimate the existence of a higher being.
After all, the problem here is that this individual is incapable of responding in scientific way to my argument against him.
Pain and pleasure are simple ideas, incapable of definition.
They are incapable of an inutility, and respect the five mechanic powers even in their song.
It drove along in a straight line, incapable of guidance.
It was incapable of complete expansion into pure vision.
Now, a new narrative may be emerging about the baseball superstar who always seemed incapable of getting out of his own way.
Endogenous retroviruses were long considered genetic fossils, incapable of doing anything interesting.
The researchers were surprised to find that the added gene rendered the mice incapable of fighting off the mousepox.
Someone in the middle of a manic episode is incapable of staying still long enough for a brain scan.
If you are incapable of accepting other people's views or ways of thinking, you should maybe not run a blog open to the public.
The scientific method becomes incapable of proving anything, ever.
We probably incapable of grasping their motives, at any rate.
They're anti-humanity, incapable of believing for even one second that humankind is capable of great things.
It renders the sufferer indifferent to or incapable of experiencing any of the vitality that permeated his or her life.
Natural selection is nothing more than a filter, and is incapable of producing novelty.
Thus far you have proven yourself incapable of following basic logic.
Until one knows how to think coherently without contradicting oneself, he is incapable of distinguishing falsehood and truth.
Prevailing ideologies have proved incapable of accommodating this seeming contradiction.
He was incapable of saying no to people, which was one reason he was universally beloved.
The problem is tragic, systemic, and evidently incapable of being resolved quickly and fairly by local officials.
But the traditional community is incapable of tackling them.
Some aid groups warned that they were so awash in cash they were incapable of distributing it all.
Some lovers are simply incapable of risking a one-on-one commitment.
We are a diverse people--incapable of being governed from a faraway capital by people who do not share our values.
Their belief system was flash frozen in the distant past, and they seem incapable of intellectual inquiry or spiritual growth.
They were bewildered by the political rancor and incapable of adapting to the divisive politics of the decade.
The advisers seemed incapable of extricating themselves from policies that were manifestly not working.
She had an iron stomach and was incapable of understanding that other people did not.
But they detect lies and self-deception all around them only because they are incapable of imagining anyone unlike themselves.
We are dealing with a people manifestly incapable of governing themselves.
It's the operating economic principle of a chaotic industry whose core product is incapable of being conveniently standardized.
According to press leaks, they found her incapable of providing precise information on any of these subjects.
My mind must be totally incapable of being sharpened.
Easier to deny outright than admit that you are incapable of grasping the complexities.
From my perspective if it weren't for the conservation laws, mathematics would be incapable of making any predictions.
No wonder my freshmen are completely incapable of doing work but expect to get good grades because they are sweet people.
And if the guy's incapable of give-and-take, that's something else.
The way they weep and vomit without warning, it's tempting to think that preschoolers are incapable of rational thought.
Unlike many others, he refused to tolerate the notion that inner-city students were incapable of learning.
Viruses, however, are parasites incapable of reproducing on their own.
We may simply be technologically and politically incapable of doing anything about it.
For example, an incapable beneficiary who requests direct payment may now be capable.

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