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Example sentences for inaugurated

Thus was inaugurated an almost incredibly hostile relationship between the cable industry and fishermen.
He inaugurated a system of corvee labor for public works.
In doing so, he inaugurated a double-bill format that the theater has maintained for more than three decades.
Instead, a mysterious hatching will be inaugurated: the sprig from the rock.
It is still not easy to conjure the mental picture of him accepting his party's nomination, much less being inaugurated president.
And that was before the landslide election inaugurated an age of austerity-lite.
Nor was the sheriff himself much more confident when he inaugurated the change.
Few foresaw even the possibility of it when he was inaugurated.
He inaugurated his administration with a complete surprise: he declined the performance.
Annual human-rights reports on the government's foreign policy were inaugurated.

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Celestial roundsmen under the aegis of the 'New England Watch and Ward Society' inaugurated a virulent camp... more
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