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Position the center first, then each petal in turn, adjusting to avoid overlaps.
The carnivores, in turn, lured other predators and scavengers.
These bushes trap more snow in the winter, and that in turn keeps the ground warmer.
This, in turn, would be evidence of a common progenitor.
These artworks were presented in turn, surrounding guests as they were served a course in the same color.
She cites her own story as an example of how situation affects self-perception, which in turn affects performance.
Prepayment and home delivery in turn encouraged the use of mailboxes, which made long waits at the post office unnecessary.
The device was designed to bring slugs back to a central digester, which would in turn power the robot.
That, in turn, has begun to change the lowly reputation of banners.
The prisoners spy upon each other, and in turn upon the officers.
Both plot and incident in turn must be vitally related to character.
The latter in turn is held up by the negative pressure in the thorax.
Each of the dominant races tried its fortune in turn.
This, in turn, will spur firms to cut costs and limit pay rises.
The risk that investors could face a haircut in two years' time keeps yields high today, which in turn blights the rescue plans.
Economic recovery, in turn, has helped ease financial pain.
That, in turn, suggests that the part of their brain that controls this reflex has been masculinised in the womb.
Such policies attract the support of business-which in turn brings plenty of funding.
They, in turn, have lavished him with praise and political donations.
To understand why, consider each of the world's three largest economic powers in turn.
Innovation, in turn, depends on the creative individuals who dream up new ideas and turn them into reality.
In turn the clinics pay egg donors fees that often run into thousands of dollars.
That, in turn, can be burned to generate electricity.
The government, in turn, is trying to renegotiate those agreements.
That, in turn, opens the way to the modern notion of progress.
Nominal income in turn is the product of real output and prices.
Five critical professional challenges make up the body of the spiral, and we'll look at each in turn.
In turn, many of my colleagues there have moved on to other places, taking on different professional roles as they go.
In turn, poor retention actually increases the call to use adjunct faculty members.
And that, in turn, has improved the quality of their work and of our educational offerings.
The companies, in turn, will start funding research at universities and going after talent that is developed.
Those results, in turn, can be used down the road for comparison if an athlete ever suffers a concussion.
In turn, she did not want to disappoint their expectations but chafed at the lost hours.
In turn, the moviegoer is bored by this mundane take on marriage and infidelity.
Brushed outside wall in turn one, but car continued around the track until rolling to a stop in turn four.
These secondary particles can in turn both help form and seed clouds, changing precipitation levels over large areas.
This, in turn, makes it harder for older adults to switch rapidly back and forth between tasks.
Temperature, in turn, is a measure of the average speed of molecular motion.
Ants protect aphids and they in turn provide them sweet excrements from abdomen.
Mounds of dirt, in turn, sometimes topped the structures.
Plants in turn provide oxygen, edible parts and attractive floral displays.
The artwork, in turn, inspired false reports of an ancient-giant discovery.
Overgrazing reduces vegetation, which in turn reduces the ecosystem's ability to recycle moisture back into the atmosphere.
This, in turn, inhibits growth by crowding other organs.
These in turn fade into tall forests of pine and birch, punctuated by meadows and timeless villages of log houses.
Males and females alike circle the prey, pushing the school into tighter formation, and taking a few bites in turn.
Each varna in turn contains hundreds of hereditary castes and subcastes with their own pecking orders.
Specialized predators and parasites feed on these scavengers, and higher level specialists feed on them in turn.
Outdoor recreation promotes physical fitness, which in turn leads to lower incidences of obesity and chronic disease.
They are an important part of the riparian food chain: they eat leaves and algae, and are in turn eaten by fish.
This, in turn, reduces oxygen supplies sub-surface plants and animals need to survive.
For instance, unpredictable desert rains cause vegetation blooms, which in turn makes locust populations skyrocket.
In one experiment the researchers connected four steel-wire whiskers to strain gauges, which in turn were tied to a computer.
Fish in turn may be eaten by birds or humans-a food chain.
Currently, scientists do not understand what drives drastic changes, which in turn means they cannot simulate or forecast them.
Dying algae in turn feed bacteria, which consume so much dissolved oxygen that fish and plants cannot survive.
The researchers will visit each of these areas in turn.
That, in turn, puts these populations at risk of extinction.
Remineralization is in turn influenced by the presence of salivary minerals, available fluoride ion and salivary flow rate.
Engines are cooled with closed-loop freshwater systems that, in turn, are cooled by adjacent closed loops of seawater.
The researchers submit that the mutation led to the shrinking of the jaw muscles, which in turn eliminated stress on the skull.
The resulting influx of ions in turn may modulate pathways involved in processes such as cell movement.
The moth's wing beats rattled its antennae, which in turn resisted any motion of the insect's head.
In his view, life came to our planet in the forms of spores that in turn came from other planets.
Dominion, in turn, would have the ability to stop and start electricity service and read meters remotely.
This, in turn, can have strong economic consequences for communities that are dependent on fisheries.
Bertie offers to search for them, meeting each of the quirky ex-tricksters in turn.
Do not crowd the pan-that will make the lard cool off, which in turn will make the chicken pieces greasy.
Each of the types in turn included half pecan and half cashew snappers, so there were four varieties in all.
This, in turn, led to even more momentum and bigger increases or declines in prices.
Being shunned, in turn, may reinforce eccentricity and other abnormal behavior.
Look also at the way in which their behavior in turn affected the concept of genius.
They are, in turn, required to bring in food at subsidized prices.
Personalization in turn promoted disaggregation: deconstructing and rearranging conventional information units.
These workers will in turn spend their wages and help create millions more jobs.
And higher paying jobs could, in turn, provide more overall tax revenue for the government.
But at the center of each of their days was a half hour of prayer and meditation, led in turn by one of the four of them.
That, in turn, would harm the broader economy--maybe enough to tilt a weak recovery back into recession.
What is going on is a war of ideas, based in turn on moral standing.
He throws to third base, who in turn relays the ball to the pitcher.
People are ceaselessly judged and ranked, and they in turn ceaselessly judge and rank others.
Lower prices will increase demand for the firm's products, and in turn for labor.
That, in turn, made others more anxious: less willing to lend and more interested in holding onto their money.
Pickerel that have been found in the stomachs of pickerel have in turn contained pickerel in their stomachs.
In their ignorance, they often tolerate ignorant news reporters who in turn tolerate ignorant politicians.
The networks, in turn, use that information to sell national advertising.
That, in turn, left the sanctuary two feet above the lobby.
He, in turn, agreed to have another pathologist look at all the tissue and provide a second opinion.
The best way to protect reform, in turn, is to prove the skeptics wrong.
These volunteers learn a lot about fire, and they in turn educate members of their families and communities.
The ribbon, in turn, is suspended from a neckband of light-blue watered-silk ribbon twenty inches long.
Having someone help you understand a form that doesn't make any sense, which in turn keeps your credit good.
In turn, this caused many companies to make fancier, better earbuds as alternatives.
This, in turn, can be pulled up to the surface by means of a steel cable.
As its hinged joints heave and fold, they pump hydraulic pistons, which in turn spin high-pressure fluid generators.
The water heats the plant, and the plant in turn warms its surroundings.
In turn, legislators are pushing for more oversight.
These epigenetic switches and markers in turn help switch on or off the expression of particular genes.
These revelations about the underpinnings of the disease have in turn led doctors to rethink the prevalence of the disorder.
The second protein, in turn, toggles the chemo drug to its active state.
The first chirp triggers a spike of voltage in some auditory neurons, which in turn causes some other neurons to fire as well.
Nitrite, in turn, can hook up with food components called amines to form nitrosamines.
These circulatory problems, in turn, often cause sluggish blood flow in the legs and abnormalities in the retina.
The bacillus provokes the immune system to produce an inflammatory response that in turn prevents cancer recurrence.
The heat, in turn, would widen the eye of the storm and decrease the strength of its winds.
Their actions were swayed by their views of police-work, which were in turn affected by metaphors.
The backed-up blood makes the intestine swell, in turn strangling more blood vessels.
Curtains drop burning fragments that in turn start their own flames.
As each side gets the upper hand, it changes the weathering rate, which in turn steers the planet between balmy and cold climates.
For instance, unpredictable desert rains cause vegetation blooms, which in turn makes locust populations skyrocket.
One theory is that music promoted group bonding when people danced together, and that in turn promoted the survival of groups.
Plankton take in the bacteria and are in turn eaten by small fish.
And bats, in turn, have adapted to overcome this defence.
Some wasps parasitize other parasitic wasps, and these hyperparasites in turn are parasitized by other wasps, and these by others.
The cap is connected to an amplifier, which is in turn connected to a computer that processes the electrical signals.
The brain appears to try to make up for this loss of input by increasing activity, which may in turn result in phantom sounds.
The unstable materials release oxygen, oxidizing other materials in the battery, which in turn produces more heat.
In turn that larger station, which is also solar-powered, relays signals to the main network.
It can also produce a hormone that increases sodium and water retention, which in turn elevates blood pressure.
In turn, the data centers are linked through a high-speed private network.
The rays, in turn, eat scallop and these have become all but extinct in some areas.
This, in turn, leaves free positively charged holes to oxidize pollutants.
These elements can impact the business cycles of growth and profit which in turn affects research, development and innovation.
In turn, computer scientists are looking at living organisms as the ultimate models for new approaches in decentralized computing.
Every parent needs to make up his or her own mind, of course, and in turn they need to be able to live with themselves.
Still, not all abused children grow up to perpetrate violence in turn.
That, in turn, wiped out the dinosaurs and made way for the rise of mammals.
Gorham discussed his ideas with some small companies, which in turn mixed up the scents.
Rather, he seemed truly convinced of what he said, which in turn could be explained only as the product of extreme isolation.
The city, in turn, lost hundreds of millions of dollars in real-estate taxes.
She summons the doctor-the chief radiologist in the practice-who in turn summons a younger colleague she is training.
Sometimes one suspect will supply the names of others, who will then in turn confess.
To them in turn his zeal must have appeared that of a fanatic.
But this, in turn, would require a theory of the world political economy.
She, in turn, seems unconvincingly fatalistic about their romantic and professional futures.
The sort of thoroughgoing changes required will take government action, which in turn will require strong public pressure.

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