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But hundreds of other hungry guests dared not move closer and risk losing their place in line for the food at the event.
Everyone looks happy, standing in line, talking to each other.
The workers shock the animals with cattle prods to keep them in line.
It so happens that my personal reaction was in line with what the designer intended to convey.
Tells about buying pork and waiting in line for eggs.
The people standing patiently in line are not, it turns out, waiting to buy train tickets.
The bailout fund would supply the equity tier, which would be first in line for any losses.
Students then queued up outside the auditorium to swab, chatting with friends and catching up on homework while waiting in line.
All over the developing world, many urban slum dwellers spend much of the day waiting in line at a pump.
Unfortunately the search committee thought your resume of wit and sarcasm was much more in line with the job description.
My advice would be to try to find something more in line with your goals.
But when they lack ethical sense, the only thing keeping them in line is the long arm of the professor's law, unfortunately.
They have a local flavor, and someone's buddy always seems to be in line for them too.
Bankruptcy would have made the contracts null and void, at best in line with all the unsecured creditors.
Second, retrain the redundant faculty as high school teachers--much more in line with their abilities.
In line with this type of objection, the cosmological argument entails a time when before the universe began.
If the contract needs extension, they are first in line for getting the work, so there doesn't seem to be a bubble here.
That's more or less in line with the best answers to this question at other sites.
Significantly, that's roughly in line with the neutrino flight path.
Now you can walk away-as long as walking away is truly in line with your overall goals.
Then this story would be in line with every other piece on global warming err climate change.
Renewables makes the argument which is more in line with the human condition.
It is irresponsible guardianship on the part of many parents to forcibly compel their children's views in line with their own.
We need to bring our population levels in line with our carrying capacity.
In all-you-care-to-eat programs, well-trained staffers serve portions in line with healthy eating.
There are many reasons why some prices fall, while others move in line with wages, while others spiral out of control.
Again this is in line with an eclectic renunciation of any absolute version of events.
Secondly, they had to get talent-preferably famous talent-in line both to ensure the film's viability and to beat the drum for it.
We waited too long in line and did everything by the book to have any sympathy for line jumpers.
Fees rose in line with the amount of funds under management.
Nearly half of it was because of businesses slashing production in order to bring inventories in line with shrunken sales.
And that means expectations for nominal or real profits growth should be falling in line.
The drive to identify core competencies moved in line with the growing popularity of outsourcing.
Instead, he argues that domestic demand tends to grow incrementally, in line with the economy as a whole.
Last year the government extended tax breaks for gas discoveries, in line with similar concessions on oil finds.
As it happens, my own opinion is more in line with piece in the paper.
If that dip occurs in line with the model's projections, the likelihood that a planet is present increases.
Some people who had been waiting in line for hours in the rain lost their places amid the confusion.
It's more in line with those time-travel flashes before his eyes.
Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery.
These tour groups are small and allow you to see more of the museums as you spend less time in line.
Photographers and camera operators swarmed the ralliers, who wore yellow armbands, and journalists waited in line for interviews.
When the handle is in line with the pipe, the valve is open, and when it's turned perpendicular to the pipe it's closed.
It's easy but incredibly effective and helps you prioritize and get your spending in line.
Teachers who better that mark could be in line for a bonus.

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