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Americans, in particular, are considered exceptional if they know another language.
Natural selection had fallen out of favor, in particular over the matter of animal coloration.
Americans have long been used to buying food products, meat in particular, in sterilized anonymous conditions.
The vocabulary, in particular, is notably dissimilar.
And the first two essays, in particular, struck a note of challenge to all the popular critics of the day.
In particular, there was fraud and cozenage in the law, injustice and oppression.
In particular, panic has returned to the credit markets, yet no new rescue plan is in sight.
New science and technology are revolutionizing marine archaeology in particular.
Students can identify and research local forest issues-in particular, threats to forests, such as fires and insect infestation.
These days in particular, it's good to live in the adventure capital of the world.
In particular, eutherians have fewer molars than metatherians.
Scientists have reported similar webs in other parts of the world, the tropics in particular.
In particular, think before driving with the windows open or using a car-top cargo box.
Human migration affects the distribution of population and the size of the population in particular areas.
Coal and nuclear power plants, in particular, draw many times more water.
Cattle, in particular, have an importance that goes beyond meat production.
In other ways, the gathering disappointed, in particular by the absence of some important stakeholders.
They wondered in particular if the mere presence of a canine in the office might make people collaborate more effectively.
In particular, they said that they were getting more energy out of the process than they put into it.
But now the attention has switched from the developing to the developed world, and in particular the euro zone.
In particular, they supply liquidity and price information that makes futures markets more efficient.
In particular, sudden changes in its height made the job of flying safely above it a tricky one.
Metals in particular experienced some of the biggest moves in decades.
They found that the patterns of activity elicited by faces, in particular, were different in literate and illiterate brains.
Two things in particular have compromised the accountants' vision of what is true and fair.
In particular, they disrupt the immune systems of animals such as fish, cause hormonal imbalances and promote tumours.
In particular, they do so in those regions of the brain that control behaviour.
The latter in particular has been accused of stealing newspapers' content and undermining their attempts to charge for it.
In particular, researchers have long debated whether the apes fight for land, or for females.
In particular, they are working on a group of chemicals called chalcogenides.
The turbulent economy has shaken lucrative news-stand sales in particular.
In particular, earning a degree and marrying before having children can help someone climb to a higher rung.
He has looked, in particular, at the interactions between zoo-held apes and local birds and small mammals.
Investment bankers in particular have been sounding brighter, thanks to a healthy start to the year.
In particular, the politicians decided against an outright ban on the use of great apes.
In particular, they looked at the sizes of bones of the toes and heel.
Also, think about the specificities of the department in particular.
Host organizations, in particular, say they are better able to use volunteers with language skills.
Your experience, in particular, does not speak for itself.
For large universities in particular, the stakes are pretty high.
Two terms in particular get college lawyers nervous.
What concerns me are the comments from one of her students in particular.
In particular, the iconic yellow-bordered cover shots that opened our eyes to new corners of the world.
But one in particular is poised to rupture sooner than later.
Three digital search topics in particular are converging in interesting, and foreboding, ways.
In particular, they have contributed much to the development of sound boards.
In particular, many investors placed their hopes in cellulosic ethanol.
Several features in particular help to make endospores resistant to environmental stress.
In particular it will examine the role-predicted to be a critical one-that water plays in the process.
The face, in particular, appears to play a big role.
In particular, they help muscle cells respond to insulin.
There are many examples of experiments that were searching for something in particular and found something completely contrary.
In particular, any virtual gravitons emitted by the singularity will be trapped inside that singularity.
In particular, they tracked the positions of transposable elements.
In particular they hardly ever had people come in to their house for social reasons, they were basically excluded.
Intestinal worm eggs also are found on raw vegetables ascarides in particular.
As there are situations where this behavior is acceptable, boxing and similar sports in particular.
In particular, he cautions parents about the possible effects of cell phone radiation on children.
Hence, the combination of over-eating and living a sedentary lifestyle is not a winning strategy for mammals in particular.
Large companies, in particular, are increasing head count for environmental and sustainability roles.
In particular, gas prices have come down slightly since peaking in the spring.
Professors in particular are drawn from a rather narrow segment of the population.
But more than mere solace is to be gained from reading good stories-short stories in particular.
In particular, they need to stop taking secular taxpayer money.
In particular, the consequences of going wrong-and all these systems go wrong sometimes-are rarely considered.
What they really seem to have in mind is punishment-in particular, physical punishment.
In this case, in particular, the white south made a giant mistake.
He'd been sitting there, doing nothing in particular.
It is there only because someone in particular particularly liked it.
Fresh herbs, in particular, are my biggest weakness.
Veronica, in particular, was full of ideas for the magazines.
The talent agencies in particular are feeling the financial squeeze as jobs diminish along with packaging fees.
In the hacker scene, in particular, there are quite a few extreme characters.
Apparently there is still ample room for error-five errors, in particular.
When you're stammering, in particular, your eyes close.
In particular, two different mechanisms have been proposed: imitation and emulation.
In particular, he examined a duct through which the silk flows before exiting the spider.
In particular, three new techniques under development could be the answer should another pandemic occur.
Axons in particular can travel spectacular distances to reach astonishingly precise targets.
In particular, they focus on genes related to immune function and pigmentation.
Children, in particular, grew up as perpetual lawbreakers.
In particular, it can be a feedstock to make ammonia and urea, which are used to manufacture fertilizer.
In particular, the old wood shows less variation in density within growth rings, researchers say.
In particular, they looked at enamel, the tough covering that caps the teeth of humans and other vertebrates.
With lantern consciousness you are vividly aware of everything without being focused on any one thing in particular.
In particular, the quality of the layered thin films used to make organic transistors often varies at the molecular level.
In particular, she says, they're wary of products that would be difficult to recall should they prove defective.
In particular, they have the potential to change the way consumers interact with their televisions.
The paper does not in particular aim on a test of string theory.
In particular, a lot of the information generated in real-time relates to advertising.
In particular, streaming audio and video tasks can hog microprocessor resources.
They can be depressed if nothing in particular is happening.
The longevity in particular doesn't work for people.
In particular, this quick electrical disconnect method precludes any thermal management plumbing to the battery.
Quite right: he left out electronics in general and semiconductors in particular.
The problem is to determine the nature of the interaction between individuals and in particular, who influences whom.
Primates in particular are able to do a lot of the mental tasks that are essential to grasping language.
And for smaller museums in particular, it may not be a problem they can afford to solve.
There is one photograph in particular where she is looking straight at the camera and she's got shoulder-length hair and a fringe.
When it comes to prostate cancer in particular, tomatoes may yet offer some health benefits.
They can take place anywhere or nowhere in particular.
Still, a couple of scenes in particular are deeply moving.
For small amounts in particular, carrying around a few dollar bills is no problem.
The court may dispense with their use in particular cases.

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