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Novella lets homeless people harvest from the garden--in fact, it makes her feel good.
In fact, many commercially produced tobacco plants are resistant to the virus.
Worldwide popularity is in fact the sole downside of operating an icon.
In fact it rarely shows up in my garden, though the forest beyond my back fence is full of them.
In fact, buying supermarket flowers can actually be a brilliant idea.
In fact, everything a roast chicken does well, it does best when bigger.
In fact, you'll need to clear out a pretty big cupboard to store a water bath canner.
In fact, they offer that culinary quirk, as well as more traditional tea fare.
In fact the two are distantly related, as both are members of the magnolia family.
His work, in fact, is full of seeds which the future brought to fruition.
In fact, it may almost be said that neither tried them.
It was an attempt to live by himself and to himself, in fact, to turn modern hermit.
In fact, all reigns make a joyous entry, but this is only a delusion.
The coat is less important, in fact, any odd coat will do.
This, in fact, is the great bar to the domestication of animals.
In fact, to confine oneself to them has proved a direct way to misunderstand him.
In fact, adown the vista of the garden-avenue, a number of persons were seen approaching towards the house.
In fact down to the opening of the war, the whole country had about an equal hand in it.
In fact as of this writing, more substantial evidence of human settlement can be found on nearby land.
In fact, you might not have recognized our cool, blue planet.
Dogs have become so dependent on people, in fact, that they couldn't live without us.
In fact, lots of baseball terms have become part of everyday speech.
In fact, he worries more about lightning than grizzlies.
When hare populations are low, in fact, scientists have seen that some picky lynx starve rather than switch foods.
In fact sometimes the best picture is what's behind you.
In fact, our solar system is traveling through an area of relatively empty space right now.
Help them understand that many activities that appear harmless do, in fact, affect the marine ecosystem.
In fact, some skiers will find these skis too demanding.
But a new study says that the vast majority of species on the verge of extinction is in fact humble insects.
In fact, more people are killed driving to and from the beach than by sharks.
In fact, scientists are stunned at the area's recovery.
But no one bothered to question whether the flag was, in fact, the real state flag.
Yet domestic robots are in fact already widespread, from dishwashers to washing machines to coffee-makers.
Many kinds of apparently selfless behaviour may in fact be self-interested in the way economics proposes-but not all.
The fiscal cost of the financial rescues is in fact quite tiny.
But the case is in fact rather more complicated than that.
In fact levels are known to vary widely within even small areas, depending on weather patterns and building materials.
Generational transition is in fact a further challenge.
In fact their loss of monetary and exchange-rate flexibility makes these reforms more pressing-as the euro crisis has underlined.
In fact, the one certainty is that the manager will eventually have a duff year when he earns no performance fee at all.
In fact, one could make an easy case for flat out evolution.
The latter can, in fact, be downloaded to your computer.
The model, in fact, contains a clue to a long-lost treasure.
In fact the increase in acidification is an easily verified measurement.
In fact, the company is increasing clean energy investments.
In fact, each of the endless varieties of cheese owes its distinctive taste to the bacteria it contains.
New findings provide more evidence that the animals are, in fact, quite crafty.
In fact, close observation has even enabled them to read the insect's waggle performance.
So much, in fact, that much of the volume of current models is devoted to carrying it.
In fact, both eyes are exactly the same shade of gray.
In fact, this fossil exhibits no intermediate characteristics at all in terms of anatomical features.
In fact the amount that could be stored was exactly what could be sent in one shipment.
In fact, it seems to fluctuate more than was previously thought.
In fact, clusters are the largest gravitationally bound bodies in the universe.
She was so disillusioned, in fact, that she abruptly dropped out of college-and never went back.
In fact, forgetting is important because it makes it easier to recall new memories.
We often think of the moon as a place, but in fact it is a hundred million places, an archipelago of solitude.
In fact, it is not inconceivable that automobiles would be fueled directly with hydrogen at pumping stations.
In fact, those privileged few drinking a cup of the dark elixir were likely members of the high priesthood or royalty.
In fact, the new hall is being created almost entirely with private funds.
In fact, he was feisty and prone to occasional angry outbursts.
In fact, though, she has the power only to nominate candidates.
The work has already been used to reveal that some pieces of amber in museum collections are, in fact, fakes.
In fact, some aspects of dinosaurs have puzzled paleontologists for well over a century.
In fact, they are the seed pods of a radish plant that has been allowed to flower and go to seed.
In fact, the first films consisted of one shot that lasted sixty seconds or less.
City life is no better, and can in fact prove far more vicious.
In fact, he says it has reached the point where human randomness can be built into the mix.
In fact, the root cause why this population crashed is that there's poverty.
Now, you can do interdisciplinary work within a discipline--in fact it is practically required these days.
In fact, many of them can be found at two-year colleges right now.
And, in fact, flexibility is often a significant advantage for the scholarly parent.
De-unionization is in fact one of the major causes of rising income inequality.
The majority are, in fact, progressing quite well and are fully capable of finishing.
In fact, it's been said that when you walk across this campus, you experience the world.
In fact, they have an entire laboratory dedicated to the study of algae.
Many of the arguments made on behalf of giving tenure to librarians are, in fact, arguments for academic status.
In fact, although little discussed, it is one of the primary venues of teaching.
In fact, she says, she has done far more primary research as a consultant than she ever did as a graduate student.
In fact, in many places the opportunity to pursue outside consulting is one of the best fringe benefits of academic work.
There are, in fact, solid correlations between how much reading teens do on their own and how well they perform in school.
In fact, as a candidate, you probably should strongly resist the urge.
It also questions whether the school will in fact receive accreditation.
In fact, the society notes that many of its members helped write the panel's report.
The problem is that they were sculpted to create an impression of wrongdoing when, in fact, they tell a story of consequences.
Senior scholars may raise their eyebrows, but in fact, more and more scholars are opting for life off the tenure track.
In fact, in many countries being a medical doctor is considered as only having a trade.
In fact, book and newspaper sales have either remained constant or increased.
In fact, heavy rain falling on hillsides or mountains is one of the major causes of flash floods.
In fact, it's worth the sizable suspension of disbelief for the knife-throwing bit alone.
In fact, day and night are equal length for a few days around the time of the equinoxes.
In fact, you might have seen these images so often that you think the folks shown are doing the correct thing.
In fact, you seem to thrive on the interplay between the two.
In fact, the last time they tried it, that is exactly what happened.
In fact, except in manufacturing, it has decelerated.
There is, in fact, little coverage of poetry or poets in the general press.
The examples were cherry-picked and could, in fact, have been mere coincidences.
But in fact it doesn't seem to have done much in the way of increasing the number of people subscribing to the magazine.
In fact some natives are likely to see their incomes greatly reduced.
In fact, obesity has become a marker of sorts for lower socioeconomic status.
Twain was often nettled by the contrary suggestion, that he was playing the comic when in fact he was attempting to be serious.
In fact, it's the definition of success for a modern president.
In fact, he says, actual churchgoing may be at little more than half the professed rate.
The clouds were pretending to be clouds when in fact they were overheard comments.
In fact, he does it in two hundred and twenty-four pages.
In fact, you could argue that consumption has actually fallen less than might have been expected.
She looked at it all as if she were somehow noting it, when in fact it all meant nothing.
But in fact the show's nine puppeteers are seldom wholly invisible.
In fact, the police knew nothing at all, because the bodies had not been dis- covered.
In fact, the reverse is true: the less people know, the more overconfident in their abilities they tend to be.
In fact, if government spending grows too big, you can cut taxes again to pay for it.
People did a good job of predicting their partner's preferences, in fact, only when they shared those preferences.
In fact, there were no street names when she was here, more than forty years ago.
Many of those loans-more than three hundred and fifty billion dollars' worth, in fact-are going to reset next year.
The notion that the days of the dollar's dominance are numbered is, in fact, increasingly popular.
In fact, every time he's become successful at something, he's stopped doing it.
In fact, it gets in the way of things by making their empty heads swell.
Sometimes, in fact, the guide makes things too easy.
He wrote often-constantly, in fact-and he wrote fast, frequently without the benefit of a second draft or even corrections.
In fact, knowing the ending sort of makes it better.
Every glance, every slightly lifted eyebrow, in fact every moment is charged with whodunits.
In fact, bookstore employees were largely unaware of the significance of today's date.
It's all about the avocados, in fact-the way guacamole should be when it's an ensemble player.
He has, in fact, expanded the possibilities of fruit.
In fact, people have been feasting on these birds for thousands of years.
It's amazing, in fact, what you can do with a fish when you really put your mind to it.
Now the task at hand is to check whether this study is somehow flawed, or is in fact a finding that will shake up physics.
In fact, it outweighs ordinary matter by about five to one.
In fact, they were about the same size as those of the females-from- birth.
In fact, they possess special skills that allow them to evade both flyswatters and human hands.
In fact, their cells behave in the same way as those of the truly elderly.
In fact, for one solution, the trip through a wormhole would be no worse than riding in a plane.
In fact, the tower came within a touch of falling down.
Most of us think that the stomach is the main digestive organ, but in fact it does only a small part of the job.
When she was first excavated, in fact, her right arm was detached from the rest of her body.
In fact, quantum theory suggests that random events are rampant at the subatomic level.
In fact, the average one-celled amoeba looks far perkier under a microscope than a fertilized human egg.
In fact, the strength depends on the frequency and intensity of incident light.
In fact, diesel engines are almost as efficient as gas-electric hybrids, without the need for hybrid technology.
In fact, it's even less efficient, because it has a heavy battery pack to lug around.
In fact, the online auction giant has a research outfit, although it's little more than a year old.
In fact, it could have begun far from that because reverse gravity would cause the universe to move toward critical density.
In fact, evidence for and against that conclusion has been building for more than a decade.
In fact, such observations might already have been made in certain experiments.
In fact, he says we're on the verge of discovering a brand new form of matter governed by an entirely new branch of physics.
In fact, it is only ten years since scientists settled this matter.
If you were being really honest, you'd have attributed this to what it was in fact developed for.
Far enough, in fact, to discover his uncommon calling: molding materials that turn biological discoveries into medical cures.
In fact, it predicts that an increase in coupling can reduce the level of synchrony.
In fact, as many as one in five schoolchildren suffers from dyslexia, an unusual difficulty in reading.
In fact, in many ways it was utterly indifferent to risk.
In some situations, in fact, they could pay for themselves in cost savings and added productivity within two or three years.
That, together with its wide-ranging implications, is in fact what has made it exciting and fruitful.
If these journals are in fact still in existence, their publication is long overdue.
The cluster is in fact a textbook example of constructing your empirical evidence to fit your theory.
Our ideas of literary pleasures and narrative have in fact changed in the last hundred years or so.
Studies of it are rare, in fact, and some of the best-known fail to comprehend more than one or another aspect of the phenomenon.
In fact the meanings of the key terms vary with context.

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