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In addition to the recipe ingredients, you'll need the following.
In addition to being used as mixing bowls, the abalone shells served as storage containers.
In addition to exhibit descriptions, docents are on hand to expand on posted descriptions.
Probably, other personal references were intended in addition to those indicated, but they are not discernible now.
In addition to these there are sometimes present an ascending and a descending mesocolon.
If the committee is to be a special one, it is necessary in addition to its number to decide how it is to be appointed.
Symbolism is a second and independent item of dream distortion, in addition to dream censorship.
In addition to the tympanic plexus there are the nerves supplying the muscles.
Because, in addition to his desire to say it straight out, he is actuated by strong opposite motives.
In addition to awe and envy, its rise has spawned a rapidly growing list of trade quarrels.
In addition to a third of a million volumes, the building contains well-equipped meeting rooms and computer labs.
In addition to the tens of thousands of would-be students, there is an ample supply of qualified instructors.
In addition to robbing individuals, they also looted the gold reserves of countries they overran.
Sides include baked potatoes and grilled vegetables in addition to a choice of salads.
Several hotels provide special rates for park and fly in addition to on-demand airport shuttle service.
In addition to taking photos of clouds, satellites used radiometers to measure infrared radiation emitted by clouds.
In addition to live entertainment, restaurant patrons can choose from lunch and dinner menus.
The fire hydrant of the future will have a new mission in addition to fighting fires.
In addition to keeping you physically fit, exercise may protect your brain, according to a new study.
In addition to triggering life-threatening cardiovascular episodes, cocaine can be deadly in another way.
Some authors send us an outline in addition to their letter but that is generally not required.
In addition to poaching, the animals are threatened by loss of habitat.
In addition to a layer of metal, the media includes a thin layer of dye.
In addition to age, risk factors for the disease include being overweight and physically inactive.
In addition to making existing synapses more robust, learning causes the brain to grow larger.
In addition to expanding the known limits of snake biology, the ancient serpent contains clues to primeval rain forest climate.
Yet this extraordinary molecule has other uses in addition to those of biochemistry.
Climate is influenced by any number of factors in addition to greenhouse gases.
In addition to color control, many of the squid can produce light and control its intensity.
In addition to being a nobleman, he was an esteemed authority on dinosaurs and other fossil animals.
In addition to diagnosing ailments, doctors are using virtual endoscopy to plan out many types of surgery.
In addition to hormones, there are other chemicals that can be used to regulate gene expression.
Those penalties are in addition to several sanctions the university has already imposed upon itself.
In addition to senior faculty, mid-level faculty will be considered.
Then, in addition to regular sessions this fall, the university will ramp up.
In addition to being targets for lawful protests, college chiefs attract visits from angry or disturbed individuals.
Long tongues make eating easier-in addition to fruit, the bats snack on pollen and flowers.
In addition to being able to identify local species, they know a lot about the various characteristics of the plants and animals.
In addition to carrying-capacity limitations, the physical environment often imposes significant costs on human society.
In addition to saving people from drowning, their sweet disposition and gentle nature shines through in therapy work.
It will update professionals with the latest industry trends in addition to letting van owners share best practices.
In addition to regular four function calculations, it's also got a host of scientific functions.
Defending these claims results in legal defense expenses in addition to the actual cost of settlements.
In addition to conducting research, the center provides medical care.
But in addition to the nearly one million people in prison, some three million are on probation or parole.
In addition to its mandatory work-study program, the college is known for its high faculty-student ratio.
In addition to their use as blood-suckers, leech saliva serves as a powerful anti-coagulant.
In addition to her tiny bikini, she wore bracelets and various rings, never fewer than eight of the latter covering her fingers.
In addition to compensatory damages the courts began to award punitive damages.
In addition to humor, cards require an emotional hook which leaves the sender and the recipient feeling better for the experience.
The company now uses liquid corn sugar in addition to cane, but otherwise its recipes haven't changed.
Happily, the roaming, tweeting truck does a mean night service in addition to lunch.
The anode contains, in addition to nickel oxide, a small amount of the rare element scandium.
In addition to the efficiency gains of the engine itself, extra modules can be deactivated when they aren't needed.
In addition to other imaging projects, it contains a large collection of lung cancer cases followed throughout their therapy.
The company's next steps include adapting the device for aiding movement of the wrist and hand, in addition to the elbow.
In addition to asking dozens of customers for their opinions, it also asked them to wear a portable stress sensor while they ate.
In addition to guiding the projects, they will seek out additional areas that are ripe for breakthroughs.
We may need geoengineering, then, in addition to fast cuts in emissions.
In addition to changing colors more rapidly, the material also covers a much wider color spectrum.
The work will be done in addition to, and not in place of, existing commercial work by both companies.
In addition to improving interactions, this emotional logic should also help intelligent agents carrying out noninteractive tasks.
In addition to increasingly refined camps, kids are encouraged to master skills that will prepare them for the boardroom.
In addition to meat and wine, you're involved in a surprising number of commercial enterprises.
And in addition to being beautiful, she's smart and funny.
In addition to its fidelity to the literal thrust of the poems, his bilingual edition has other merits to recommend it.
In addition to a forum for enforcement, human rights also require equal application.
In addition to the requirements of appearance, stewardesses were not allowed to marry.
In addition to these three examples, they claim that they could cite many others.
In addition to its natural beauty, three treasures are said to be hidden beneath its blue water.
Most noteworthy comets display a dim blue gas tail in addition to a whiter, brighter dust tail.
In addition to lacking any obvious pathology, she also lacked health insurance.
In addition to becoming invasive species themselves, cultured creatures sometimes carry other species or diseases with them.
In addition to that, you can also remain out in the open away from shade for longer, and at higher temperatures.
She's found that coprolites offer a cornucopia of intestinal itinerants in addition to wood and shellfish.
The problem with studying the effects of microcredit is that there tend to be a lot of factors at play in addition to the money.
My intention is certainly to continue to have lots of guest bloggers over there, in addition to myself.
In addition to these two growth spurts, the researchers suggest, olfaction led to a third set of changes in the mammal brain.
In addition to avoiding pesticides and chemicals, the growers work with the cycles of the moon.
It can even support an external monitor in addition to its own screen.
In addition to being a novelist, she has worked as a political speechwriter and a screenwriter.

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