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The stricter the parents' sense of responsibility, the purer the imputed innocence.
He uses an index of average house prices and the imputed rent paid by owner-occupiers that goes into the consumer-price index.
Many of the comments seem to condemn the imputed greed of the wealthy.
But no racist or imperialist motives can be imputed there.
We need to reconstruct that core on the basis of outcomes, not imputed inputs.
Sinophiles may rue the villainy imputed to them in movies, but they should realize that villains are often the best parts.
The one fault commonly imputed to it is that it has too grave a motive for a comedy of manners.
The people were amazed, but imputed their preservation to art-magic, and the martyrs were condemned to be beheaded.
But many seeming faults are to be imputed rather to the nature of the undertaking, than the negligence of the performer.
Nor is it the poetical faculty itself, or any misapplication of it, to which this want of harmony is to be imputed.

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