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Long established customs of hurtful character could formerly fence themselves in, and do their evil work with social impunity.
The increasingly blatant nature of the nonsense uttered with impunity in public discourse is chilling.
Yet with impunity and hubris this industry continues to seek the expansion of nuclear technology and energy production.
Once again the anti nukes have made the news using outright lies with impunity.
Of course, that rewards the procrastinators and suggests to them that they can continue to procrastinate with impunity.
Another contributor: local leaders who have created a culture of impunity.
But the belief is that this army of occupation can shoot anyone it wants to, anytime, with impunity.
In the past she had been able to consume whatever she wanted with impunity.
The wave that bounces off walls with impunity and refuses to fade is known as a soliton.
Other matter can then move through it with impunity, without colliding at all.
Wicked deeds are generally done, even with impunity, for the mere desire of occupation.
Wicked acts are accustomed to be done with impunity for the mere desire of occupation.
No artist can be reproached for shrinking from a risk which only fools run to meet and only genius dare confront with impunity.
It, as he points out, has been raping the poorer countries of the world with impunity for years.
In other words, you can eat that dairy goat with impunity.
There is no reason members and staffers should be allowed to tip with impunity.
Torture is a serious federal crime, but the torture memo provided interrogators with the authority to act with maximum impunity.
The practice of hooding also allowed the interrogators to remain anonymous and thus to act with impunity.
Bush and his administration continue the lies that he has promulgated for over four years without impunity.
Apparently, he can no longer wield a fork with impunity.
These various groups are today operating throughout the country under total impunity.
Without cross-border progress on all these fronts, the deranged or vengeful will continue to enjoy virtual impunity.
Yet the pirates are still hijacking ships and receiving ransoms with apparent impunity.
All too often a peace that is conditioned on impunity for these crimes is not sustainable.
But what the three have in common is corruption, lawlessness and a culture of impunity for killers, says the report.
The end of impunity is coming to an end and the moment of reckoning closer.
Some are alleged to have pumped toxic chemicals into the ground with impunity.
To human-rights groups, it is a charter of impunity that will provide neither.
Nationwide, there is fretting about weak police tactics, which initially left looters feeling they could rampage with impunity.
What it now lacks is a home base, an infrastructure and its previous sense of impunity.
Otherwise, war has no risk and could be initiated with impunity.
Sophisticated radio tags and database software are not much use in places where street hawkers peddle fakes with impunity.
Despite the advances that have been made, government corruption and impunity still weaken the country.
Our atmosphere knows no boundaries, crosses borders and oceans with impunity, and belongs to all.
Because intimidated citizens upheld the code of silence, these drug traffickers were able to operate with virtual impunity.
The other leads to a more stable, prosperous, and open society in which corruption and impunity are no longer tolerated.
Armed criminal gangs often operate with impunity throughout the urban areas.
Weak enforcement of laws and lack of safeguards encouraged an atmosphere of impunity in group homes and orphanages.

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