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The fact is, the introduction of any alien species is imprudent provided special protection is the priority.
If isolated on pig farms, all of this is imprudent but not tragic in as much as it seems isolated, faraway from our daily lives.
Imprudent investment always occurs during periods of spectacular growth.
In a global capital market, the reward for good economic policies has increased, but so too has the punishment for imprudent ones.
Some conclude that prices have been pumped up by imprudent bank lending and that the market is at risk of crashing.
Those imprudent ancestors have become symbols for mankind's short-sighted carelessness with his environment.
Thus, government intervention in the monetary system destroyed temporal moral hazard against imprudent lending.
No specific investment or course of action is, taken alone, prudent or imprudent.
The amount approved was reduced because of imprudent gas purchases made by the utility and overrun charges.
Overpayment for stock artificially inflated in value is categorically imprudent.
At the hearing,Leo argued the investments were imprudent because the conservatorship was only for a limited duration.
No traffic control device or particular street design can compensate for illegal or imprudent use of the street by road users.
No specific investment or course of action, taken alone, is viewed as prudent or imprudent.
Simply put, our nation is on an imprudent and unsustainable fiscal path.
No specific investment or course of action is, taken alone, deemed prudent or imprudent.

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