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Example sentences for improvised

His long improvised dirges will ring for ever in my ears.
They also give recipes for fillings, though these are easily improvised.
He was known for his lighting, his ability to make a seemingly improvised situation glamorous.
The improvised songs on the record move seamlessly between richly textured, almost delicate moments and dense, noisy climaxes.
But five improvised operating rooms had been running around the clock, staffed by volunteers from all over the world.
Research and technology-for example on armed drones and dealing with improvised explosive devices-is one.
All that has gone, along with the improvised defences that used to ring the building.
Languages on semi-equal footing coming into contact on a daily basis can spawn a partly improvised, partly stable halfway-tongue.
And, they did not earn it, or the computerized system they had improvised the laborer to succeed in the high tech employment.
He played them until he felt he had improvised the right composition.
Legions of exotic dancers have improvised on her bumps and grinds for decades.
He took reporters on an improvised tour of the capital, to show off his support.
Most of the deaths came from improvised explosive devices or mines planted by insurgents.
Most improvised bombs used by insurgents are decidedly low-tech, jury-rigged affairs.
Splints and braces to hold broken bones in place were improvised from additional wreckage.
And she managed her audience, as good performers ought to, but did it with improvised melodies.

Famous quotes containing the word improvised

If melodrama is the quintessence of drama, farce is the quintessence of theatre. Melodrama is written. A moving image of... more
Many a time I have seen my mother leap up from the dinner table to engage the swarming flies with an improvisedmore
A so-called happy marriage corresponds to love as a correct poem to an improvised song.... more
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