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Example sentences for improvise

It allows users to compose, conduct and improvise original music.
The failures of wired combat are forcing troops to improvise a new, socially networked kind of war.
No one really understands how to use the machine, so people essentially improvise.
Use them to catch rain, cut three holes to improvise a rain poncho, or windproof your shelter.
It's the kind of game that asks players to improvise and act silly.
Jazz musicians throw away the melody when they improvise.
So long as they keep to the framework, both singer and player may embellish and improvise.
Musicologists showed interest, although the band's sprawling repertoire and tendency to improvise posed a significant challenge.
Dissent is encouraged, so war aims and strategies are honed through argument, and junior officers can improvise.
He is a consummate professional, always prepared yet ready to improvise.
What people do is they improvise their way through the day, improvise their way through their lives.
What you need is a few techniques and a few standards and eventually you will have the ability to improvise and adapt.
The dancers began to improvise themselves and delight in movement.
We've long heard that when musicians improvise, they're engaged in an intensely personal pursuit.
Has above average cut back ability, as he generally will improvise and make something out of nothing.
They have a versatile quarterback who can improvise.
The team needs to improvise to stay alive, including scavenging enemy weapons.
Previous robots have had some ability to improvise--many could locate familiar objects in unfamiliar environments, for example.
Here's hoping they improvise their way to the next step.
These are the sorts of concerns our soldiers have to put up with as they improvise the management of their lives.
He also had an actor's ability to improvise, natural leadership skills, and a distrust of bureaucrats.
One must be cautious and not always surrender to the temptation to improvise.
For the other times when you have to improvise, invoke rule three: situational awareness is invaluable.
The students have been encouraged to improvise, in part as a way of building their self-confidence.
And yet the urge to improvise seems to increase in direct proportion to the risks that attend it.
Then they were turned loose each day on the sets and allowed to improvise.
Not the lapse of memory that forced her to improvise the lyrics as well as the notes.
It's crucial to improvise and entertain while spending long hours on your feet.
Once you've grasped the basics, frittatas are really easy to improvise.
As of today, no longer will you watch your president improvise his way toward coherence.
We'd improvise, and the writers would rewrite, and the next day we'd go with what they had written.
It's a game that tests your abilities to see or improvise or adjust or maintain all of those things.
Students will improvise melodies, variations, and accompaniments.
When asked to improvise music, students were given the type of music they were to improvise with.
Never improvise and build your own lifting platform.
Students improvise simple responses to teacher cues by singing and by using body percussion and instrumental sounds.
Be prepared to improvise with what you have on hand to protect your nose, mouth, eyes and cuts in your skin.
They will learn the creative techniques to improvise and compose their ideas and thoughts in music.
Improvise with what is on hand to seal gaps to create a barrier from any contamination.
One last piece of gear that many anglers improvise or purchase contributes to both enjoyment and safety.
Because there is no established method for calculating such scores, sponsors have to improvise.

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