improvisational in a sentence

Example sentences for improvisational

Then progressing to learned music reading slowed down the improvisational but motivating.
Between courses, performers interact through improvisational role-playing to a predetermined storyline.
Time was too short and the stakes were too high for his usual, more improvisational approach.
There is something inspiring about their fluid, improvisational approach.
Before that she was a copywriter and improvisational actress.
He began performing at an improvisational night spot.
Then a phrase was delivered to him straight from improvisational heaven.
But precisely because pro wrestling is a roughhouse-ballet form of improvisational comedy, the performers must be fine athletes.
Certainly his huge sound, fleet technique and improvisational ingenuity have captured the attention of colleagues.
Create and perform theatre pieces as well as improvisational drama.
Outside of work, she can be found spending time with her family, and performing improvisational comedy.
The foundation of such an approach is the spontaneous, guided, and improvisational play processes of children.
Whatever might have been gained in argumentative conclusiveness might have been lost in improvisational electricity.
Their improvisational-comedy show is about you and the issues you wrestle with everyday in your work lives.
Students will create and perform theatre pieces as well as improvisational drama.
In the study of music, students create meaning and expression through the use of listening, composing and improvisational skills.
Improvisational skills will be discussed and demonstrated.
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