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Example sentences for improvisation

And his years onstage, a lifetime of improvisation, mean his stump speech keeps getting better.
He saves the empty backgrounds for expressionistic improvisation in glowing pastel pinks, powder blues and pale yellows.
Distortions in the economy are being aggravated by the expansionary fiscal stance and policy improvisation.
Every time you do it, it gives you some surprise element, because there's improvisation involved with it.
If the improvisation involves alcohol and fire, so much the better.
The rest of the recording doesn't always reach that tune's high level of improvisation.
If we're honest with ourselves and with each other, we'd admit it is all improvisation.
Setting up a tribunal there was a matter of improvisation or making do.
The festival features dance and musical performances, hands-on art activities, improvisation and movement sessions.
It's all about creativity, all about improvisation rather than mastery.
Improvisation as a compositional device is one thing.
General guidelines should suffice for people with a genius for improvisation.
Performing with this group is full of improvisation.
The more familiar a dish, the more freighted the improvisation.
Improvisation was plentiful but the element of swing was left sort of lurking in the background.
Fight your way in among the myriad hipsters and hear some transcendent improvisation.
To be successful, a scene had to keep its feel of improvisation.
It's certainly true that he encouraged improvisation on set, and had a genius for seizing on fortuitous accidents.
We see here perhaps the prime example of the improvisation inherent in the state of exception.
His life is a sprung rhythm of desperate improvisation.
And an audience can watch moments of improvisation that, more often than not, do not get on the air.
As a result, she said, she learned about improvisation early.
Ellison experts describe this as improvisation in the style of jazz.

Famous quotes containing the word improvisation

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