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Example sentences for improvident

Married to an improvident doctor, she had no money to give.
Shoppers so improvident as to have waited until the last minute were punished with empty shelves.
And for the accounting departments, multiplying overhead costs by multiple locations seemed improvident.
The star plays an improvident bachelor who genially mooches off a wealthy medical student.
It did not offer a reason other than that its earlier decision had been improvident.
All may not be equal, but you will not be burdened long for any improvident decision.
To be enjoying the punishment of the improvident borrowers you must be in a recession proof bubble.
He shook himself free from the cares of state banking and the wiles of improvident countries and entered private industry.
Only the improvident patronized stores which gave long-term credit.
He loves idleness, he has little conception of right and wrong, and he is improvident to the last degree of childishness.
Her work, in fact, was as chaotic and confused as it was luxurious and improvident.
Lily is spoiled, pleasure-loving, and has one of those society mothers as improvident as a tornado.
The reporters and others are an improvident lot, sneering at life, greedy and eager for food and alcohol.
Unsecured creditors cannot, under the law, be made to bear the brunt of the debtors' improvident choice.
When so used the scheme serves as a lure to improvident and uneconomical investment.
The purpose of this section is to provide an additional safeguard against an improvident or premature grant of summary judgment.
He posits that the improvident admission of evidence of prior bad acts rendered his state trial fundamentally unfair.
The motions panel's decision to grant interlocutory review was not improvident.
Without the benefit of a full record, it is improvident for a court to exercise appellate review.

Famous quotes containing the word improvident

Providence itself could not be more absolutely improvident.... more
All things will be clear and distinct to the man who does not hurry; haste is blind and improvident.... more
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