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The annual report card for scholarship athletes was the best yet this year-but there's plenty of room for improvement.
Organic gardening and agriculture focus on the improvement of soils to provide plants with nutrients.
The improvement in conditions was an unexpected turnaround.
When spray-on hair is an option, certainly there's room for improvement.
These days video games affect every part of life, from online dating to self improvement and even health and fitness.
The improvement in giving was slight, but leaders and fund raisers took heart that it didn't decline.
But the improvement seems to come only in the task that a game trains you for.
We remain committed to constant improvement and transparency in the service of sound, respectful science.
Create a headboard picture frame by using decorative molding from a home improvement store.
When it comes to air travel, it seems to me that there are a few things that could stand improvement.
It's a vast improvement over existing pedometer technologies.
Still, the newest gasoline mowers offer an improvement over older types.
It's a clear improvement in hygiene and convenience.
Successful candidates will have demonstrated interests in educational leadership and school improvement.
Nor is there much prospect of a dramatic improvement before the election.
Poe for setting straight the grammarian whose spelling could have used some improvement to boot.
Mice given no treatment or an injection with an unrelated cell showed no improvement.
As a result, they cost more than the roses and petunias found at big-box home improvement stores.
One obvious improvement would be to raise car mileage standards.
Now an accounting firm has weighed in, suggesting that the medical school's financial-reporting methods need improvement.
Instead, they ask as if their operation had no room for improvement.
As encouraging as the model results have been, there is still room for improvement.
Maybe this set is, as some people claim, more of an incremental refresh than a radical improvement.
While the results are likely to make many of us uncomfortable, denial is seldom an efficient path toward improvement.
The result of their campaign was an unprecedented improvement in the lives of people around the world.
For creativity improvement there may be several other ways.
Teach people to believe that they will be much better off but let there be no dramatic improvement.
The pace of foreclosures has not abated, and there has been no improvement in employment in residential construction.
Caulking drafts is an easy and inexpensive energy-saving home improvement.
Behind the scenes, however, there were signs of improvement.
Or if they did benefit, the improvement was short-lived, followed by a relapse.
But that improvement has levelled off despite big increases in school budgets.
Patients who receive dummy pills often show clinical improvement.
But some experts say that pollution and agricultural water use threaten further improvement.
He then repeated the experiment over and over expecting improvement or different outcomes.
In this evolving world, academic improvement in one country need not mean that others should fear falling behind.
Restricting research to cells fertilized before an improvement in the preservation technique further delayed progress.
Psychotherapy is a totally different, longer and expensive way for mind improvement.
More recently, other rich countries have enjoyed a similar improvement in economic stability.
The two next paragraphs are saying about the improvement of robotic technology and show a link to a text and video interesting.
He chitchats with bike builders who are constantly pushing the improvement of every nook, cranny and corner of the bicycle.
The line between self-improvement and neurosis can blur.
As long as that opinion prevails, improvement is out of the question.
They are not happy unless they mark by some definite performance each step in the weary path of self-improvement.
Hydra is widely considered to be the world's strongest chess player, human or digital, but it still has room for improvement.
One day, a hairdresser approached him, looking for an improvement over the unreliable dyes then in use.
But it takes a long history of extremely poor quality with no attempt at improvement before accreditation will be pulled.
Again, there is the constant task of continuance improvement.
We need to encourage that desire but also facilitate improvement by providing useful information to guide consumers.
Improvement in cardio-respiratory function does not result from changes in the lung's ability to expand, however.
The building standards could use some improvement here but water is used much less the way they do it.
Such aspirations are thought to foster the kind of behavior that leads to self-improvement.
But the report acknowledges that there is substantial room for improvement.
So much for an improvement on the current situation, and so much for the free market.
There might not seem to be much room for the improvement of clocks or even a need for more accurate ones.
The author seeks improvement in the expanding global market.
For others, the reprieve may come in the form of stabilization rather than obvious improvement.
They focus less on impressing strangers and more on family- and self-improvement.
He has only a life interest in these possessions, without the spirit of ownership or any ideas of improvement.
Patients simply misattribute the improvement to the treatment.
Children were tested in the fall and again in the spring, to give a picture of their improvement over the school year.
It counts the dollar value of our output, but not the actual improvement in our lives, or even in our economic condition.
It cannot be introduced as an improvement on the nineteenth century.
On the other hand, focusing on outcomes encourages continuous improvement toward an overall set of goals.
The improvement has gone on, until now these people have every year an eight months' school.
The change was an improvement, functionally speaking, for a revolutionary manifesto.
While indicators point to some improvement in overall labor market conditions, the unemployment rate remains elevated.
It is a means for self-improvement, résumé-building, and enrichment.
Though an improvement, it wouldn't be enough to lower the unemployment rate.
It all marks a huge improvement on the ragtag troops with motley weapons who patrolled here three years ago.
The underlying reasons for this improvement are disputed.
Wanting improvement over our current state in life is the engine of a society driving a quasi-capitalistic car.
The outsider confronts you with the findings and together you draw up a plan for self-improvement.
Though the peace process has virtually eliminated the killings, it has brought little in the way of economic improvement.
But other countries can claim notable improvement in the past two decades.
Fewer grand inventions mean less productivity growth and a slower improvement in living standards.
The production cycle he sees is the opposite of the theoretical model of continuous improvement.
The best news of all may be the ongoing improvement in credit conditions.
Though they are an improvement on a computer screen, e-book readers remain crude simulacra of books.
However, urbanization does allow for a significant level of improvement to the infrastructure of the city.
By comparison, the current recession is showing more rapid improvement.
Some believe that, at long last, the party has recognised that the key to agricultural improvement is land ownership.
Savers took a real, inflation-adjusted loss, which corresponded to an improvement in the government's balance-sheet.
But that doesn't imply that economic growth automatically leads to an improvement in the environment.
Economies were starting to expand faster than their populations, bringing about a sustained improvement in living standards.
That's a more significant improvement than you might think.
Perhaps the slide-out, rather than the folding-style double screen, could be an improvement though.
Not that forecasts couldn't use a lot more improvement.
That's an improvement, but it's so boring that they'll have to be paid to watch it.
Most studies have found that consuming cranberry juice does seem to produce improvement in people prone to ulcers.
It hasn't led to any improvement in knowledge about how to do the important things that would make machines really smart.
Certainly there is plenty of room for improvement in the ways in which science is conducted.
People can learn to change the manner in which they perceive, and what follows is some level of improvement or positive change.
When citing casualty figures one thing to remember is the dramatic improvement in medical treatments.
That's what science gives us, improvement in knowledge over time, not absolute knowledge.
True, the improvement is slow-no doubt slower than everyone hoped and many people expected.
Everyone had side effects of one type or another, and everyone reported the same level of improvement.
In departments where service improvement has slowed, we've allocated additional funds and hired additional personnel.
The only real improvement over the past half-century is that coal heating has been replaced by electric radiators.
We too have lived through an era of stability, certainty, and the illusion of indefinite economic improvement.
They reckon that they can get an improvement of three orders of magnitude.
The question is one of efficiency: how long would you need to expose a sample to achieve the desired improvement in resolution.
The story is the cost savings, not the performance improvement.
The amounts and costs of enzymes have been another, though this is one area of improvement.
However the one thing missing is some form or type of alternative or recommendation for improvement.
The trend of the last sixty years has been the fairly relentless improvement of the human condition.
He was a great improvement to all of his successors.
Home-improvement projects are daunting enough without the worry of hidden wires and pipes.
All eyes are on corporate earnings these days as investors shift from a hopeful mode to one more demanding of real improvement.
Whether those things are big problems or small problems in any one country, there's always room for such incremental improvement.
The education pipeline offers no hint of improvement.
After four months, both showed some improvement in reading progressively smaller letters on an eye chart.
When they were offered behavioral therapy alone, only five children showed any improvement.
It had been this way for two weeks and last week's end brought no improvement.
But after several straight years of decline, the menswear industry is showing signs of improvement.
The benefits of enhancement include increased alertness and focus and improvement in some types of memory.
Quality improvement measurement, tools, and information.
Get the resources you need to get your local water quality improvement effort up and running.
It may be revolutionary, or it may be some ingenious, simple improvement that makes something work better.
Over the past two years, there has been good improvement and a good mentality and people running faster.
What was discovered is there is some talent here, but there still is much room for improvement.

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