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Lawyers have a right and sometimes an obligation to object when they believe something is improper.
It's not an easy task and many a hunter has spoiled the meat by a badly placed shot or improper gutting.
He was of opinion that it was improper, and that they were naturally unequal to it.
There are many other forms of invasion of privacy, such as blackmail and the improper use of your personal data.
Overuse, misuse, improper dosing and the use of substandard or diluted medicines all contribute to the rise of resistance.
There have been incidents where the tubes have become clogged with ice or debris, caused by weather or by improper maintenance.
Other governments may use them-and traders may think twice about their ability to get away with improper dealing.
Improper weight and diet strongly correlate with chronic diseases, which account for three-fourths of all health-care spending.
Perhaps this is the improper venue to discuss such philosophical work.
Other factors include increased body weight and improper footwear.
And all this happened before any court ruled the tax shelters improper.
She says the rest is a result of improper or bad accounting methods.
Despite actions to prevent or recoup improper payments, it is impractical to prevent all improper payments.
In addition, dozens of agencies have modified or reiterated their policies and procedures to prevent future improper activities.

Famous quotes containing the word improper

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