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But law professors themselves usually are not arrested or imprisoned falsely, nor subjected to the third degree.
Sometimes they dismissed the arrested persons, sometimes they fined them, sometimes they imprisoned them.
Another chilling reminder are the prison hoods and shackles worn by the imprisoned conspirators.
There is no one who does not feel that he is imprisoned in some way.
Imprisoned there in appalling conditions, more than half died.
Indeed, other people you encounter may even mock you, imprisoned as you are in an uncomfortable cell of your own making.
If he returns from his travels, he may be imprisoned or executed.
One of the few remaining signs of their limbed heritage is the presence of vestigial hips imprisoned in the rib cage.
Andrea's accident had imprisoned her mind in a lifeless body.
People suspected of being insurgents have been imprisoned.
It is worth bearing in mind that people who know too much may be imprisoned or killed.
Many of the people thereby freed undoubtedly belong in jail, and the crime rate would undoubtedly fall if they were imprisoned.
Think of the number who have been mobbed and imprisoned on your account.
Her father was never released, nor was her husband, who is also imprisoned.
Either way, he was imprisoned and put to work building listening devices for gathering government intelligence.
They are imprisoned by the screens, imprisoned by the keys to their past that the screens seem to hold.
The effect sought after is a cramped space in the bowels of a ship, imprisoned by white steel.
Prosecutions for libel were numerous, and daring writers had to stand in the pillory, besides being imprisoned and fined.
It is the dead hand that holds imprisoned within the obscenity laws all direct information concerning birth control.
Today, the camp is a memorial site honoring all those who died or were imprisoned there.
In decades past, vanquished political foes tended to end up purged, imprisoned or dead.
Opposition members were imprisoned and dissident newspapers banned.
By the time it leaked out, all those imprisoned were dead.
Unfortunately, he has been imprisoned in a secret facility.
Two years ago, imprisoned militant leaders declared a ceasefire that has held until now.
And instead of being imprisoned in cages to stop them colliding with people and machines, they will be free to wander.
Not so long ago neuroscientists, too, were guilty of victimising the mentally ill and the imprisoned in the name of science.
Any other behaviour is a sign that they are still imprisoned by their imperial mindset.
Every one of them was captured and then executed, imprisoned or made a counter-agent.
Opposition politicians are not imprisoned or beaten up.
The second is that there is a large grey area between being imprisoned by the base and tearing it down.
When she refused, she was imprisoned in an ancient castle, from which she escaped in the dark of night.
All those imprisoned animals sitting in their own feces.
They were imprisoned within the house by the community's presence at the pool.
The scarred phrase was then juxtaposed with images of imprisoned figures.
However, someone has to win and remain imprisoned in the illusion of glory.
His character heads are decoupled from communication, autistically imprisoned, and that is what makes them so fascinating.
Books should not be convicted and imprisoned until after they have done some damage.
Besides, several of the imprisoned guerrillas had already been killed.

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