imprimatur in a sentence

Example sentences for imprimatur

The author's name has to be invoked as a pretentious highbrow imprimatur.
Some lawyers refuse to recognise his appointment without the president's imprimatur.
Both books have the imprimatur of the scientific community and have received excellent reviews.
But they also serve their shareholders, who profit whenever that imprimatur shows up on a security, safe or not.
But the governor's imprimatur is generally the last step of the appointment process.
It was not my job to give an imprimatur to the hearings.
Now the regime hires star architects to give the imprimatur of global capitalism.
Textbooks containing an imprimatur may not be ordered.
In effect, jurisdictions regulate themselves by way of these compacts, with the imprimatur of federal law.
It is simpler to use the government sponsored imprimatur than to decide on what alternatives to use.
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