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Both bear powder-puff flowers with impressively long stamens from spring to fall.
The upper left ab pops out impressively from the effort of lugging five-gallon water jugs into our kitchen.
The political knowledge of the average voter has been tested repeatedly, and the scores are impressively low.
The interaction between blocks is impressively smooth.
Using pig hairs as stilts may give ants impressively long strides, but it throws off their step-counting navigational technique.
Not only did they track the scent impressively well, but they also improved with practice.
Bamboo compares even more impressively with concrete and steel.
Not only did the antibodies protect against malaria but they did so impressively.
Most impressively of all, he made an icosahedron by fusing three distinct subunits.
First, that's an impressively positive spin on a bad day, so points for creativity.
The beach still bears its royal name, and the waves still roll in impressively.
Appearing soon will be their successors for the coming week, another impressively varied group.
Hall was impressively resourceful in playing three distinct iterations of the common geek.
The talent agencies were impressively quick to show support for their clients in week one.
More impressively was the fact that each of the first four measured under six feet.
Markets were up impressively yesterday after a batch of good economic news.
And the whole thing is impressively fast: make changes to an itinerary and the new options are displayed instantaneously.
Other renewables grew impressively too, thanks to countries all round the world continuing to pile on new wind capacity.
Its judiciary is impressively independent, its press unfettered, its civil society vibrant.
Above all, he has conjured up an impressively healthy array of economic figures.
As before, the new book builds impressively upwards from the economy and society.
He writes with feeling, backed up by an impressively broad list of sources as well as sharp critical insight and astute judgment.
Export agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and construction are all growing impressively and generating jobs.
Then, it launches a laser-guided missile that disintegrates the car in a display of impressively powerful violence.
Merely getting single mothers into work, however, has not boosted incomes all that impressively.
But the new boys have often leapt these hurdles impressively.
More impressively, parts of the developing world are leapfrogging the richer countries' technologies.
Clean-up techniques have evolved much less impressively.
After all, they invented the automobile, and are still impressively successful.
Beyond doubt, their quality control is impressively stable.
His account is impressively honest and hugely enjoyable.
Although she is impressively competent, she lacks the president's vote-getting charisma.
And in the scenes where wires aren't sprouting out of his torso, his well-oiled pectoral cleavage ripples impressively.
She ran after me for a short distance making an impressively scary hissing sound.
The litany of radio performers who have been indifferent at best on television is impressively long.
What he can do without saying a word is impressively hilarious.
The loon is found across much of the country, and moves impressively both in air and under water.
Most impressively, more than half of the participating contractors were neighborhood residents.
The lake holds numerous impressively large bullfrogs and their equally impressive tadpoles.
Strickland comes with an impressively broad educational background in law, history, and theology.

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