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They will write impressive books, give inspiring lectures, organize exciting cults.
What's impressive about their argument is that it is underpinned by the powerful theoretical machinery of thermodynamics.
The more apps a college receives, and rejects, the more impressive it seems.
Indigenous peoples also hunt gelada and use their impressive manes in traditional coming-of-age ceremonies.
Astronomers have tracked the movement of a pulsar, making the first direct measurement of its impressive speed.
It is described as a clean animal with impressive horns that could cause injury.
Given their glamorous appearance and considerable cachet, orchids make impressive gifts.
Your graphics card won't be put to the test here, but the game still looks impressive.
And impressive initiatives have popped up throughout the nation.
His book is an impressive account of a world that few readers of this newspaper will recognise.
The bigger the mane, the more impressive a lion looks to other males.
But even without such impressive displays, the sun provides a wealth of energy to our planet.
He was impressive in motion and no less formidable when he was still.
There's an impressive natural stone arch at the turnaround point.
It's certainly no replacement for a proper doctor, but as a technological demonstration, it's surprisingly impressive.
The human brain is an impressive and dexterous organ.
To date, a handful of impressive ground-based telescopes have provided astronomers with important insights about the universe.
The computer-generated images of the reptiles are impressive.
Produces insignificant flowers in impressive spikelike clusters.
Impressive speakers with accurate virtual surround processing.
Its impressive natural setting has long been a major.
Many roasters dressed up less impressive and flavorful coffees with fancy names.
Wander among impressive calcite formations erupting from the ground and hanging from the ceiling.
Until recently, the euro area was notching up some impressive productivity gains.
Solar farms are impressive to look at, with row upon row of shiny rectangles angling toward the sun.
But regardless of the ongoing debate over sauropod biology the mount represents, it is an impressive sight.
Impressive what an artist sense can do with such everyday materials.
That's still an impressive return, compared with other forms of consumer debt and other federal loans.
Impressive though they are, these images offer but a taste of things to come.
The fact that the movie is still visually impressive certainly helps.
Impressive effort, especially for such a small group.
Systemic, unambiguous support for public-engagement and recruitment efforts can yield impressive results.
That's not an impressive return on six years' study.
But don't forget-an equally impressive and revealing story lies patiently beneath your feet.
Additional impressive replies, edited for brevity and clarity, also appear below.
Impressive enough for city slickers, it's still refreshingly uncrowded.
Yes, the screen is gargantuan, but the quality of the display is rarely impressive.
Seeing them for the first time since they were salvaged from the pulverised buildings is powerfully impressive.
They are generally sluggish fish but are capable of impressive bursts of speed.
The scale of equipment in the bowels of such boats is impressive.
Radio stations blare an impressive repertoire of catchy revolutionary tunes.
Bighorn rams use their impressive horns to fight over mating rights.
What is impressive is the rate at which the particles spin.
The world's largest bird, the flightless ostrich can run for distances at impressive speeds.
They use their impressive leap and sticky toes to climb up into the canopy at night to ambush their prey.
Visitors can gather at his instep or climb into one of his ears for an impressive up-close view.
Biologists think males evolved their impressive manes in part to provide neck protection during fights, among other reasons.
Our dams, railways, levees and water systems may look impressive.
Whatever the case, the results were definitely impressive.
It goes by a little quickly for those of you who might want to follow along, but it is still quite impressive.
Uh, potentially impressive but as yet uncompleted engineering feat that should have been unnecessary.
He built a lamp and shade that were impressive enough that he was featured on the local news.
Don't miss it by sending a generic cover letter, no matter how impressive your publications.
But despite that seemingly impressive triumph, his party was already fracturing.
And really, few things are as impressive as memorized poems.
It is impressive how technologically-advanced our society has become.
Your cv and letters of reference are terribly impressive.
The building of luxury cruise ships, however, has been an impressive exception to the trend.
Nor do expressions about how impressive one's work is etc mean much.
Though the new figure still represents only about a third of those who could benefit, the rate of increase is impressive.
It has an impressive art and museum scene, and a buzzing nightlife.
But the impressive thing was his fellow student's alertness, which stemmed from affection.
The country's underlying economic strengths are already impressive.
As impressive as the new images are, they leave many key questions unanswered.
Although you may think that you impressed the committee, someone else may have been equally impressive.
Directors are not obliged to act on the feedback they receive from others, but when they do the results can be impressive.
For all that impressive activity, however, sponges are simple animals.
Her ability to simply explain science in common language is impressive.
E-readers and computing tablets will continue their impressive momentum.
The fact that it took this long to factor an older standard is still impressive.
Sorry for being off-topic, but that is one impressive number.
Article is impressive with implications in clear language.
The economy may do this for you, of course, but it's more impressive to do it yourself as a magic trick.
In this exercise he was truly impressive, for he had enormous strength as well as speed and grace.
These parallels become especially impressive when they are seen contrastively from a wide phonetic perspective.
To be sure, the initial rally to arms was impressive.
Everyone at your stage of the hiring process is impressive.
The best way to make a good impression on an observer is not by any little tricks, but by actually being an impressive teacher.
The pool of candidates for this opening was impressive, as were your own qualifications.
The island's windswept landscape was impressive, but the descending storm and my exhaustion eventually forced me off of the bike.
And yet the victims demonstrated an impressive ability to reach out and help each other.
If your work is truly impressive, you will gain the respect of your peers and rise above the pile of applicants.
Some trade terms that sound impressive, but still nothing concrete in the how-to vein.
The strategy worked to perfection, and it yielded an impressive victory.
Still, the scale and breadth of his success was pretty impressive.
Its links with business are excellent and the list of visiting speakers is impressive.
The euro area's rebound is less marked and less impressive.
The roster of collectors prepared to sell was also impressive.
They should instead commend its impressive stability.
These well-managed companies with excellent technology have impressive returns.
Biologists think one of the reasons males evolved their impressive manes was to provide neck protection during fights.
Befitting their name, king penguins cut an impressive figure in the seabird court.
Males sport large horns, which give them an unusual and impressive appearance.
The display was all the more impressive because the moon had already set, scientists say.
Even more impressive was the way in which these boulders were carved.
The seething river of wings and chirps is so impressive you may want to come back the next morning and watch it in reverse.
As impressive as all the entries were, there still had to be winners.
Around the world other water conservation programs have also achieved impressive results.
Many teams bring their family and friends-and an impressive amount of food for the two-day event.
The space-age design isn't some decoy, though, because the drops have some impressive pedigree under the hood.
Though the burnished blend of retro and futuristic is visually impressive, the movie was made with no sets or locations.
He could be in the mix for a rotation spot with an impressive showing.
Smartphones, connected devices and tablets all posted impressive gains.
His impressive home reflects both his power and prosperity.
Of course, he did play two games yesterday, but it's still a mighty impressive feat.
Brains do not, however, talk to us about how they perform those impressive tasks.
That's not the full list of superlatives, but it's pretty impressive.
That's still one word wrong every couple of pages, but it's impressive.
Pretty impressive that there weren't any course corrections needed over such a long journey.
And they support their position with an impressive array of video clips.
Applying principals is much more impressive than applying principles.
No matter how complex or how impressive any other species may be, it has parasites.
These are impressive results in the face of the lack of other medical alternative.
Basically, the impressive correlations reported in many social neuroscience studies are impossibly high.
There is no better way to make a skater look strong and impressive than to shoot from the floor looking up.
The few studies that have been conducted with reptiles found little evidence of impressive cognitive skills.
Using both as a foundation to our behavior would be an impressive advance for humanity.
Anyone patient enough to weed through the tangle of contemporary work finds an impressive and diverse range of new poetry.
But they have something in common: technology so impressive that it can be hazardous if skills aren't maintained.
It was a subtly impressive demonstration of the alternative payment system's appeal to the tech-savvy.
And even if not, it's too impressive a piece of thought and rhetoric not to revisit every so often.
These impressive figures are, unfortunately, figments of the bureaucratic imagination.
The displacement was infinitesimal on the scale of the sky, and a measure of impressive navigational precision.
The bomb crashed into the house with impressive precision, but did not explode.
And many stories testify that the disciples too are as impressive in their teaching as in their scholarly productions.
The list of definite successes is not overwhelmingly impressive.
There are also areas where progress has not been so impressive.
And it hadn't taken him long to prove that high technology sounded far less impressive when discussed by a fat hick.
Given the inherent difficulties of providing health insurance through the private sector, that's an impressive number.
Even through the hot pink ear plugs the sound of the explosion is impressive.
And if you compare the relative size of brains to bodies, our brains are even more impressive.
Our beloved scientists may be building impressive technologies, but some key pieces are missing.
Pretty impressive figuring out that cancer cells emit distinct chemicals in our breath.
It would have been impressive if they had it study hyperbaric oxygen and not hyperbaric air.
So while these photos are definitely impressive, the type of work that amateurs do is quite distinct from what professionals do.
The impressive thing about a meteorite impact is not merely the amount of energy it unleashes.
For instance, researchers have made impressive progress in developing treatments using stem cells.
That's pretty impressive and may herald important changes in the way articles are written and edited.
The battery chemistry isn't new, the range isn't impressive, and so far the design doesn't seem that thrilling.
What's impressive about this technique is the data rate they achieve.
That's impressive but it's not to say the problem is done and dusted.
That's impressive but the team has even more ambitious plans.
It's catchy and rocking and modern sounding, and his voice sounds all over the place, in an impressive way.
The firm expects to make a profit this year--impressive progress for a biotech start-up.
Yet, the desert actually has an impressive diversity of plants.
The editors thank the many individuals who served as reviewers for this impressive group of field trip guides.

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