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Example sentences for impressionable

It would be unfortunate if impressionable readers relied on this myth to justify continued smoking.
And he is often far more impressionable than he dare admit.
Imagine an impressionable coworker stumbling in on that scene.
The problem here is that all of the impressionable listeners start copying these annoying phrases.
Such statements suggest to the impressionable mind that society might somehow condone the deeds described.
Impressionable members of society can hardly be blamed for getting hooked.
The poor dears were no doubt imprinted at an impressionable age.
And if all this trendy eco-babble converts a few impressionable clubbers to the cause, so much the better.
They may be impressionable but they're far from naive.
No matter, because his impressionable cherubs obviously did.
We would sound only one note of warning to parents with highly impressionable tots.
In those highly impressionable years that lie between six and ten-Spectator.
So impressionable when you say the clock's running down, we're probably going to shoot it.
The more gnomic their pronouncements, the more they seemed to the impressionable to be deeply wise and romantic.
Imprisoning juveniles, however, mixed impressionable youths with more seasoned adult criminals.
Mentors need to set a good example to these impressionable new comers.
These elementary school children are also at the impressionable age.
Their impressionable preschool years were also the closing years of that traumatic era.
Their goal is to recruit impressionable and alienated people by tapping into their sense of fear about the future.
Impressionable school children, often looking to fit in, are regularly persuaded by members to join the gang.

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