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When you tell them you grew the sorrel yourself, then they're really impressed.
Courts have historically been impressed with the legal testimony of experts simply because of their credentials.
Impressed by the stickiness of the bur's hooks, he copied the design, engineering a two-piece fastener.
Each one marked a pitcher plant impressed into the service of science.
He also stayed at shrines, where the discipline of the monks deeply impressed him.
He was so impressed with the clouds that he photographed them before directing his group back toward shelter.
We were impressed by his elaborate curls and asked how he made them.
They believe in winning streaks and are impressed by short-term success.
Four centuries later their descendants are less impressed by such adventuring.
On a visit some years ago, your correspondent was suitably impressed by both.
Whether it has impressed the voters is, however, a different and more important question.
But so far, few of the companies' critics have been impressed: they believe only a limited number of people will benefit.
They also need to be less impressed by the appearance of stability.
Only to find the markets were not impressed and wanted more blood.
Of course, they take it and are glad of it but they are not impressed.
We haven't heard much about that goal recently, perhaps as economic realities impressed themselves on the administration.
They simply weren't all that impressed with tablet computing as it now exists.
No one is impressed by a bachelor's degree in sociology.
Trust me, even if they tease you, they will look at it and be impressed.
So far some users are impressed, while others are disappointed in what they see.
Not everyone was impressed with the ubiquitous media coverage of this morning's royal wedding.
We're impressed at how they got aggressive, dignified and sporty all the in same sentence.
He realises so clearly what he is describing that the reader is, of necessity, interested and impressed.
Try thee and turn thee forth, sufficiently impressed.
The public is naturally much impressed by this evidence, and in considering it do not make the necessary allowances-Times.
He will be more impressed by the moral earnestness of this literature.
One of the things that impressed itself upon me deeply, the second year, was the unselfishness of the teachers.
The reader cannot but be impressed by the distance already covered.
Impressed at first sight the lucky shot turns into a pretty good picture editing.
We started by stuffing a damp sponge into the bag and were impressed by how much water came running out only an hour later.
The critics, however, are too much impressed by the muscles of his prose to care about the heart underneath.
Nobody is surprised or impressed by the discrepancy.
As usual, he was impressed by the way skates improved human character.
Prison officials, impressed by her exemplary behavior, took a liking to her.
Some smart people are nonetheless impressed by argumentative theory.
The tiny zebrafish had already impressed scientists with its ability to regenerate damaged spinal cord, retina and fin tissues.
From my point of view, regardless of your faith, you've gotta be impressed with the scientific method.
She was extremely impressed by the math and physics projects other finalists had done.
Anyone should be impressed with what they've accomplished so far.
The only people impressed are those equally or even more insecure.
Impressed with his erudition on a wide range of topics, people would often ask him where he got his education.
Most of the locals are impressed, but some question his motives-rightly, but without any real understanding of what he is doing.
The adults who looked into the hut were less impressed.
His idea was met with skepticism but he was impressed by the early results of his experiment.
Or put it another way, one was immediately impressed by the rushing flow of ideas, burst as from a pent up dam.
She threw a sideways glance at her seatmate, checking to see if she was impressed.
Impressed, the restaurateur invited him in for a drink.
But many more were impressed by the excitement that she was generating.
We were all deeply impressed by his apparent evolution.
They were not, of course, impressed by any claim to scientific objectivity.
The team is said to be impressed with both candidates.
There are two types of cathodic protection, galvanic protection and impressed current.
Lists are also arranged by locality and then chronologically by the date the provisions were impressed.
The second common type of cathodic protection is referred to as impressed current cathodic protection.
The shell surface is covered with fine irregular network of impressed lines.
The mortal realities of war must be impressed vividly on every citizen.
All of the partners were impressed, and some were jealous.
His prose had an emotionally rich, poetic quality that impressed her.
From an early age, he had impressed his friends with his knack for drawing.
He mentioned it to the actor, who wasn't too impressed.
He doesn't seem to be as outwardly impressed by the allure of big money and the social status it conveys.

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