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In its impregnable vaults it could house a whole battalion of infantry.
The city has a miasmic, sweetly offensive odor impregnable to the monsoon or to the daily industrial pollution.
The rebel mind had literally exhausted itself in its efforts to render the city impregnable.
In fact the forts on the surrounding hills looked impregnable when crowned with the frowning batteries.
It is surrounded by an invisible but impregnable wall and a moat full of sharks and crocodiles.
In a defensive point of view, the place is regarded as impregnable.
Seemingly impregnable tyrannies were humbled by ordinary people who risked their skins demanding fundamental rights.
One day soon they may reach a state of perfection: impregnable and pointless.
Then, as his career progressed, the newsrooms he worked in became ever more impregnable.
Because of its location on a small island of dry land in the midst of a great swamp, he no doubt considered it impregnable.
Although they could not prevent raids on their livestock, the mission itself was almost impregnable.
The task becomes more daunting if your desire is to construct an impregnable fence.
Over the years the refuge gained a reputation as being impregnable, and stories about its defenses contributed to its legend.

Famous quotes containing the word impregnable

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