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It's tempting to say that these ideas sound worthy but are otherwise impractical and unrealistic.
Also impractical is anything that cannot be delivered quickly.
Sounds great, but this is impractical and may increase the chances of a failed search.
Capturing them, as suggested by an earlier comment, is simply impractical.
Although it outdoes competing forms in show-business flash, capoeira is a wildly impractical form of self-defense.
On the other hand you are inclined to be careless and impractical causing you to make the same mistakes repeatedly.
To have folded everything into one giant department would have been logical but administratively impractical.
They cannot cook at night or on overcast days, making them impractical in some climates.
Storing hydrogen in cars isn't impractical or dangerous.
It is an outdated model that is as impractical as it is unethical.
By the time it got to market, five years later, it was still a bit impractical.
In the past, before electronic text versions it was functionally impractical to check.
It may be too costly or impractical to replicate the targeted index completely.
Clouds, time of year, and moving at night can make it impractical to use the sun as the only cue for direction.
Their official, on-paper contingency plans were completely impractical.
But many urban dwellers and visitors still find a car impractical because of parking, traffic and other concerns.
To be sure, few things in modern life are more unnecessary and impractical than a fountain pen.
It was hailed as visionary and scorned as impractical.
Auctions offer a degree of explicit control but are often impractical.
But the lasers' complexity and large size made the technology impractical.
But it is impractical and sometimes impossible to try to establish a line of communication out of every remote valley.
Efficient, yes, but completely impractical because it was absurdly expensive.
Limits on extraction will be arbitrary, impractical and probably ineffective.
It may have been a good idea, but it was utterly impractical.
But she acknowledges that both are impractical, given the ancient capital's sheer size.
Generators are impractical-they can break down and gulp gas, which may be difficult to buy.
Space or physical limitations may make conventional compost piles impractical for you.
But previous attempts could work only in complete darkness, making them impractical for general use.
She shows that in large chunks of life, the simplistic search for the perfect choice is not only impractical, but leads to misery.
Critics say this is impractical, vague, and over-ambitious.
And technologies are so complex that it's impractical for a company to gather all the resources it needs under one roof.
The design was complex, impractical, and unreliable.
There used to be a break-even point below which it was impractical to distribute a recording.
Now you are foretelling its demise in this article about an impractical and expensive giant blimp.
One proposes a workable solution, and one proposes a silly impractical one.
Both the arts and the space program must defend against the criticism that they are impractical wastes of public funding.
On the other hand, you are inclined to be careless and impractical, causing you to make the same mistakes over and over again.
It's seductive and exciting, self-indulgent and impractical, fresh and evocative-a high-powered augmentation of animal spirits.
Although towing icebergs proved impractical, harvesting ice at sea did not.
Even if harsher punishment was justified, it would have been impractical until the broader economy had improved.
The law may be impractical, but it still serves a purpose.
Yet in the early days of aviation, airplanes were absurdly expensive and impractical too.
The distances involved make other choices impractical for a short trip.
Challenger is as impractical and aggravating to use as it is fun to drive.
The high costs that for years made it impractical as a mainstream source of energy are plummeting.
It is impractical, indifferent to its site, indifferent to the sensibility of its users.
The fact that his plan was not only impractical but inadvertently cruel is beside the point.
What started out as totally intellectual, impractical experiments could help pave the way for a revolution in computing.
Using mothers of the endangered species could be impractical, if not impossible.
The cost and the time frame of such a journey make it impractical but they do not make it impossible.
It's impractical, to give it accuracy you lose the size advantages of quantum-scale computing.
These catalysts linger in the recycled material and weaken it over time, making it impractical to reuse for a third generation.
The hot water option for weed control is impractical beyond the back door.
Further reflection revealed that it's quite impractical-nearly impossible-to make a cheeseburger from scratch.
In the past it would have been impractical to archive all of this information.
Impossibly expensive, utterly impractical, science fiction.
Many fail to understand that hydrogen is not an energy source, but rather an expensive and impractical fuel.
But this is impractical in parts of the world where malaria is common.
Without an energy storage mechanism it is impractical to use.
But the scarcity and variable quality of this tissue makes it an impractical therapy.
Most glaringly, it's impractical to attach a boom and camera to the back of a handheld device.
Often an invention enters the world as an ungainly and impractical device.
Refilling the fuel cell by hand is impractical for formic acid or even methanol.
But it is impossible and impractical to relate to everyone.
Transporting food and goods by road would be impractical and expensive.
Freedom may sound delicious, but travel's impractical today.
We support openness and participation even when it's impractical, even when it's counterproductive.

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