impoverishment in a sentence

Example sentences for impoverishment

In age, he shows no impoverishment of spirit or weakening of intention.
But the writer remains dispirited by the impoverishment that comes with this closing of the mind to novelty.
But the symptoms of collective impoverishment are all about us.
Yet the fading of agriculture did not bring impoverishment to these countries.
But the cost of devaluation will be high inflation and impoverishment of the people.
Anything the state attempts outside of its area of competence is doomed to failure and to causing misery and impoverishment.
It encourages rent seeking and the impoverishment of the many in favor of the few.
So leave it at that: different languages, accents or dialects are a source of cultural wealth not impoverishment.
Let's face it: education is no longer considered the ticket out of impoverishment.
The enrichment of the core is structurally dependent on the impoverishment of the periphery.
Eligible persons are protected by spousal impoverishment legislation.

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