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Even among impoverished populations, the ones that are miserable tend to be those with a few ultra-rich people among lots of poor.
And the remaining vegetation would regress to a far simpler, impoverished condition.
What troubles me is how much our cultural conversation is being impoverished by a reluctance to face up to reality.
The overcrowded, polluted, impoverished world from before was a joy compared with the daily nightmare you now endure.
As some have pointed out in this thread, government corruption runs rampant in many impoverished nations.
Children in impoverished countries will die in the time it takes to write this post here.
One cannot expect those raised in impoverished conditions to give a whit on the finer aspects of the working of nature.
It's difficult to talk to someone with such an impoverished, boring, and primitive mindset.
Briefly they triumphed, raising hopes among the impoverished local peasantry and gathering a group of supporters.
He leaves behind a country that is rich in cash and resources, but socially fragmented and intellectually impoverished.
Most of the country's impoverished citizens still live precarious and uncertain lives.

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