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Short term stop-gaps designed to make those currently in charge feel less impotent wont work.
But not without sundry twinges of impotent rebellion against the mild effrontery of this unaccountable scrivener.
It also renders conventional monetary policy impotent, as the interest rate that prevents too much saving is below zero.
Foreign opinion will be outraged by the farcical legal case, but impotent.
The theorists are impotent in the absence of facts, or what is more relevant, the bending of events to clothe their theories.
He and his party are also offensive and impotent, as the current spurt of mail bombs proves.
Judging by your impotent remark on my pen name, it's you who went down by the path of meaningless insults.
Another reason is that the leaders are impotent, for the moment.
It should not squander its newly won credibility by continuing the charade of an impotent observer mission.
It has broken the time-honored tradition of physical and yet impotent football in favor of beauty, elegance and efficacy.
But socially and culturally, it was impotent to stop the locomotive rush of history.
They would find ways around the pay system, rendering it impotent.
But it was enraging to be in that situation, and to be completely impotent to do anything to help.

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