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Example sentences for imposition

Bachelors are to be persuaded to marry by the imposition of a penal addition to military service.
Drinking is a protest against the imposition of a culturally constructed feminine asceticism.
Many textile groups were lobbying for their imposition even before the quota regime was gone.
Both countries subsequently announced moratoriums on tests after the imposition of economic sanctions.
He charged that the present tax structure had only postponed the imposition of a broad-base tax by a year.
Whether he would see it as an imposition or not is something you can't know.
They complained that the proposed outside scrutiny of draft laws was an intolerable imposition.
It called for imposition of reporting requirements instead.
My view is that this is often true but that the imposition can have the opposite effect as well.
Western powers discussed the imposition of a no-fly zone to protect civilians.
Tax evasion is so rife here that the provision of a receipt is an onerous imposition.
The imposition of curfews and the deployment of the army were discussed but thankfully not implemented.
Imposition should then be swift and precise, regardless of the business cycle.
The study partly blamed this on the local council's imposition of learning-by-discovery.
The government was discussing the imposition of martial law.
The imposition of tariff barriers on both sides is in no one's interest.
However, this can be caused by the imposition of tariffs by newly independent countries, civil disruption or war.
So the imposition of price caps in a given country will not necessarily quash innovation there, thanks to the lure of exports.
It will be what they want it to be and it won't be our imposition or even proposition.
At the same time, their imposition has meant industry shifting to dirtier fuels such as coal.
The imposition of long-term isolation-which can be for months or years-is ultimately at the discretion of prison administrators.
The idea of secession or separation first arose among abolitionists confronted with this monstrous imposition.
The language in which they would hear you tell them this tale would detect the imposition.
None of these genuine motivations for moral behavior require the imposition of a higher authority.
Urbanisation, migration and the imposition of national borders have brought the sects into renewed proximity.
It becomes discredited if it is seen as an imposition, or if democracies use torture.
His justification for the individual mandate also lends itself naturally toward federal imposition of a mandate.
First, expression of opinion is not an imposition, it is the right of all free people.
Outsiders say that the government is trying to limit the tribunal, which it sees as an imposition.
And the court in this case says that imposition goes too far.
Other possibilities include an increase in the village's sales tax and the imposition of a restaurant tax.
She should have been reported to the judge and replaced, as it is evident she had mental reservations about its imposition.
Criteria for the imposition and enforcement of sanctions against licensed premises.
The imposition of censure acts as a public reprimand that is permanently kept in the licensee's file.

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