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At the same time, the agency had no permanent leader imposing new demands on how its dollars were spent.
Similarly a judicious regulator should penalise polluters for imposing costs on others by taxing their activities.
The imposing tail is not used for gripping but may aid in balance as a monkey leaps aloft.
Simply imposing a deadline-whether it was two or eight months away-reversed the mind's relation between work and time.
We had the telephone, already a great mediation device, both imposing and reducing distance between people.
One also hears rumblings about taxing endowments or imposing price caps.
It wants the government to restrain speculative inflows by imposing far higher initial margin requirements on currency futures.
Only benevolent governments can fix it by imposing tyrannical mandates to stop the people from behaving irresponsibly.
To make up the funding shortfall, courts are imposing higher filing fees on litigants.
And imposing another schedule on them calling it healthy is hardly going to be healthier.
Imposing one's beliefs on another people or nation at the cost of destroying their culture can hardly be justified.
Imposing such a rule on workplaces where pay varies widely is bound to cause ructions.
In both cases the doctor is imposing his will and trying to control the patient's lifestyle.
Both candidates also gave the impression that their green policies would yield huge benefits while imposing no costs.
Patterson, the prime minister, responded by calling out the army and imposing a curfew.
Business groups have argued that imposing the stricter pollution limits now would imperil growth.
Eagerness to treat animals kindly does not justify imposing one's hopes and dreams for them on human beings.
Imposing medieval look: turrets and gargoyles, tapestries and stag heads.
My concern is that by requiring it, you are imposing these contributions on communities where they may not be appreciated.
While imposing ersatz fun on their employees, companies are battling against the real thing.
From outside, the portable shelter looked imposing if slightly flimsy, but inside it all came together.
Imposing a process that prevents criminals and the insane from purchasing weapons can be a reasonable control.
By imposing a quota system, they can limit the outflow of beans from producing nations in times of oversupply.
Several khaki-clad officers scaled the imposing stone wall surrounding the house, disarmed a guard, and opened the gate.
Imposing a tax on disfavored fuels does not create any favorites among cleaner alternatives or among particular technologies.
Already we're seeing athletics tainted by medications that can improve performance while imposing nasty side effects.
It actually strengthens our own hands, by imposing a cost on sensationalist exaggeration.
He is an imposing figure, tall and graying, who has been married for thirty-four years and has six children.
Others are imposing agricultural export bans, which discourages investment in production.
But the president stopped short of imposing trade sanctions.
Governments have further exaggerated the problem by imposing export quotas and trade restrictions, raising prices again.
She suspended the country's democracy, imposing a two-year emergency.
In theory, there is a wide array of options, from extending maturities to imposing steep write-downs on the value of the debt.
They are also prone to imposing arbitrary targets and taxes.
The imposing permanence of the monumental buildings clashed with the unseemly hastiness of the announcement.

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