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Or they might have been imported as an aquarium curiosity and later released.
These days, construction materials for big projects must be imported.
And the country has shown a strong and stubborn tendency to resist following any political model imported from abroad.
Apparently, a truck full of imported recycling materials had come unlatched.
Imagine true-to-life avatars and objects being imported into virtual environments.
And building these lines is seen as preferable to further expanding reliance on imported oil for automobiles and airplanes.
The rest is exported to help pay for imported conventional power.
Our political dialog focuses much too much on imported oil as opposed to the problem of oil dependence.
If you wanted to sell imported wine, obviously you would have to find places where rich people live.
Pinon and the rest of the group called for the immediate introduction of heat-treated products, imported from abroad if necessary.
Nuclear power is about reducing dependency on the other imported fuels especially oil.
They determined total food grown and imported, minus what was exported, thrown away or used for livestock.
Wind,solar and electric cars could replace a huge percentage of imported oil.
They also report consuming imported foods or beef only rarely.
You've poured millions into the park, beefed up security, and imported animals.
They have imported and built a city, a fortress of extravagance, that excludes themselves.
It does not depend upon the fraction of our consumption that is imported.
Local farmers were priced out of the market by food imported tariff-free.
Because they must be distilled in specific areas, the real goods must be imported rather than made abroad.
The grounds are beautifully maintained and feature a wide variety of native flora, as well as imported specimens.
There is a widespread aversion to the use of imported kimchi.
And some firms refuse to honour warranties on imported goods.
Imported methanol is widely available and unregulated.
Similarly domestic producers may be cheered that rival, imported goods are more expensive.
First, it wants to avoid the vulnerabilities of an economy built on imported oil.
Normally when foreign words and sounds are imported into a language, they are rendered into that language's writing system.
It is noticeable that a high share of the new consumer desirables is imported.
Moving underemployed villagers into urban jobs in factories and offices with imported equipment raises productivity.
Yet many would also find a formal devaluation painful, since over half of exports are made from imported ingredients.
If imported, they may increase a country's energy dependence on risky outside supplies.
If it has not, that may be partly because it insisted that the recession was imported from the outside world.
Congested railways and roads mean domestic deliveries can be less reliable and pricier than the imported sort.
To blame, in part, are poor business practices imported alongside goods and services.
Fisheries and plantations also depend on imported labour.
Rulers, who were also patrons of the arts, invited foreign craftsmen to court and imported their works.
And in the popular minds, imported goods are the same as fantastic quality and high price.
But these are localised versions of imported formats.
Many countries don't use imported oil for power generation, but depend on it for transport.
But, so far, the outcome of this imported idealism has been nothing but failure.

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