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It's simple, effective, and more important than it might seem.
Ask students to look at the picture and think about why the river and lake water is important to everything else pictured.
They will select a handful of important natural and cultural characteristics of places.
Empty hives are causing a lot of worry about some important food crops.
The discovery provides important information on how fear is experienced and processed.
Water is an all-important resource for human and other life.
It is also a culturally important and charismatic species.
If you want so show that something is important, take a photograph of it in the foreground.
The find shows that parasites also play an important role.
They regulate the populations of other animals and also provide an important food source.
Students will learn why sharks are important members of the ecosystem.
The bones of its hind legs, for example, have played an important role in the dispute about bird ancestry.
Ask students if rituals remain an important part of modern life.
Understanding how the mosquito immune system fends off malaria is an important part of bringing such a plan to fruition.
When used well, light takes us by the hand and leads us to the important parts of an image.
He added that such features must therefore be extremely important.
When shooting in cold weather, or extreme conditions such as snow and sleet, it's important not to change your lenses outdoors.
The main reason for anonymity, however, is a belief that what is written is more important than who writes it.
How, exactly, diamond forms is an important question.
If a page is linked to many other pages, it is flagged up as being important.
Furthermore, if the pages that link to this page are also important, then that page is even more likely to be important.
But the networks must negotiate some important hurdles first if such lofty predictions are to come true.
Perhaps more important, the benefits of the round to the world's poorest people have anyway been overstated.
Growing firms hire to expand and even shrinking businesses seek out workers to fill important vacant positions.
But important breakthroughs will be needed for these advances to happen, mostly because they require extraordinary new materials.
One cannot say they resolve the question of whether shared values are more important than contested ones.
Weigh what is important and produce a personal ranking.
What you do is as important as anything government does.
Other less important bands are found on the cranial surface of the pinna.
The coat is less important, in fact, any odd coat will do.
The plexuses accompanying some of these arteries have important communications with other nerves.
Important connections between the cerebrum and the olive of the same side exist but the exact pathway is unknown.
Gentlemen in long alpaca coats and carrying formidable marbled note-books walk about with an important air.
Essentially, the important thing is how far do you travel while stopping.
Websites as static destinations are growing less important as people enter into information flows through social networks.
But the devil is in the proverbial details, and that's why this is an important research area.
It's important not only to focus on us, to compare our biology and behavior to other animals.
As all of us know personally, it's even more important when you're facing huge adversities.
Still, there remain important questions about the way skeletal anatomy relates to soft tissue anatomy.
Their work is an important part of preventative health care.
Periods when children may be sensitive to intervention, to the extent that they are important, will be better defined.
Filmmakers and studios gravitated toward bigger and longer movies, but short films remained an important part of the industry.
That's the job of reporters, and their job will be more important than at any time in history.
The viruses have some important differences, however.
For other people, it was all their great music and when it played in important moments in their lives.
The important is being rational, realist and thruer guesses, imaginations.
There is something important about humans experiencing something together.
Publishing provides you with an important way to accomplish that.
At the time, nobody knew how important the letter was.
They also have strong connections across the campus, so it is important to think before you speak.
It gives them more credibility while providing them with an important window on what is truly relevant.
For the rest of the morning, there was a lot of discussion about important issues related to college access and success.
Also ask about start-up money for your research, especially important in the sciences.
Eye gaze is critically important to social primates such as humans.
And it's important to give customers a usage-meter app so they can see if they are getting close to that line, and why.
Understanding the balance between levels of oxytocin and appropriate levels of trust will be another important step in the future.
The scientific community is increasingly coming to realize how central self-control is to many important life outcomes.
New research is showing that climate may have played an important role in how the nose's internal structure evolved.
It seems that the one truth revealed is that a dialogue is important in scientific research.
But after an extensive review, they decided this molecular structure might not be so important after all.
And the collection is about to receive some important new-and rare-specimens.
Too important a commodity to be left to chance, stars were made, not born.
The richer a society or peer group, the less important visible spending becomes.
But an equally important question is the economic impact of its revolution.
The gulf between the ad portrayal and reality is one reason why debates are important.
Ok, so creating a robust culture industry is important.
Given such realities, it is more important than ever for people to be armed with economic knowledge.
One important area of research is tropical medicine.
It seems this would be especially poignant now because she played such an important role in taking care of you after the accident.
But though the pharma industry is important, the real action is in wages.
Every election cycle, politicians looking for money traveled a well-worn circuit of important donors.
The crisis is too important for everyone to avoid these questions.
The ability to fly through weather and in darkness is more important than speed in the conquest of distance.
Few questions are more important than these, so it is important to answer them clearly and with enthusiasm.
But one item that is important to customer experience or future customer experience is missing.
It's not as important as making sure that the players in these upcoming camps are challenged the right way.
For now, he's doing the physical exercise that's important for brain health, too.
What's important is that they learn from their mistakes, specifically that such behavior ruins the experience for everyone else.
But there's a still more important reason for the silliness that's inherent in the parodies.
Tannin is a preservative and an important factor in the way wines age.
Flexibility was important, and so was a sense of humor.
Researchers see the start of a second set of tests, in blindness, as an important landmark for the stem-cell field.
One of the important observations from these networks is that certain individuals are much better connected than others.
T he idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
Data security is hugely important: too important not to legislate, while too important to rush into legislation.
Water-splitting solar panels would have important advantages over existing technologies in terms of hydrogen production.
These cells are also thought to play an important role in chemotherapy resistance and cancer recurrence.
The new finding will be important in maximizing the production of hydrogen in large-scale, commercial bioreactors.
We look for people who are tackling important problems in transformative ways.
Those inputs that caused it to crash could reveal an important bug.
That's in stark contrast to other types of switching where optical losses are an important limitation of switching performance.
Producing energy is far more important in many respects than worrying about a few birds being killed.
The energy density of batteries is tremendously important as an enabler of new technologies.
The news is significant because it makes possible a new set of experiments that should answer some important questions.
Nighttime flight is an important milestone--but solar power is unlikely to transform aviation.
Modeling software already plays an important part in nanotechnology.
It's an important proof of principle for using computers to aid materials design.
And the high-voltage, high-performance design strategy is becoming a problem for mobile devices, where battery life is important.
Researchers say a wandering mind may be important to setting goals, making discoveries, and living a balanced life.
Scientists are finding that telling time is also important to animals.
Bright ideas about important, timely issues in science and technology.
Important as both papers were, it was his third that truly upended the universe.
Another area, on the underside of the brain, is important for recognizing people's faces.
Portability and shelf life are as important as flavor and nutrition.
Excuse me, but all the important breakthroughs in twentieth century science were published in papers and not books.
It, too, left an important legacy-the realization that tall buildings had to be designed and built differently.
It was important for me to establish a connection with the actor.
More important, though, is the form which that anxiety takes.
Ignorance plays an important role, too, as does sheer brutality.
The important thing is that they're shooting and that's all that really matters.
We have to make sure we're doing our best job because it's so important to people.
He also said they were an important carrot to keep talent from going elsewhere.
The important thing is, you've got to know your kids, and you've got to know them as individuals.
The important thing is that she keeps her mouth shut, that she denies everything.
But at a certain point, the important thing to do is to find one's own voice.
It is given to few intellectuals to invent an important new branch of their specialty.
None of this would be important, other than to author and critic, except for two things.
It is important to do this because different writers use the word differently.
For readers who are not scientists, it is important to understand that foxes may be as creative as hedgehogs.
Its failures were hardly a secret but it was important that they not be visible.
At this desperate moment, it seems to me that there are more important tasks.
He has also made important contributions to the discussion of history and politics.
It implies that it is important, crucial, an important part of the human journey.
It is wise not to initiate any important business agreements or projects.
What was important, though, was where he was at that moment.
It is wise not to initiate important commitments or projects during the next few days.
But it's also important to keep that motivation from turning into fear.
It is important because it cleans the oil and is capable of filtering high volumes of oil with relatively low restriction.
So, it is important to keep the lines of communication open.

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Better to be despised and have a servant, than to be self-important and lack food.... more
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