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It's disrespectful to the people in those professions, it doesn't respect the significance or the import of what they do.
His works, many controversial, depict import social issues and historic periods.
It's also one that's of cinematic and, more generally, artistic import.
My biggest problem was that you can't import footnotes right now.
If not, they can always import that experience by bringing in guest speakers or studying relevant essays or video clips.
They added up to a corpus of civilization, a series whose import had real stakes.
Their import remained unclarified but nonetheless compelling.
To any country which was highly improved throughout, it would be more advantageous to import its lean cattle than to breed them.
Reducing inflation remains a difficult problem because of rising import prices, labor market rigidities, and fiscal deficits.
Export earnings from agriculture and mining have fallen sharply, while the import bill has risen, driven by higher energy prices.
He could neither export any of the produce of his country, nor import what he needed.
Dozens of wild horses are already grazing in the refuge, and there are plans to import bison and musk oxen.
When you are the world's largest consumer of oil and import more than half of it, it's good to have a back-up plan.
Thousands of pieces of raw and worked ivory were confiscated and workers were charged with tax and import violations.
Ironically restaurants import much of their seafood, but there are still some local fish to enjoy.
People and businesses that import these species do not anticipate the consequences.
The question is not whether it is good or bad to import workers or export jobs.
Local traders, who are not fools, blamed the import curbs.
But this ratio overstates a country's dependence on external demand if exports have a high import content.
It increases import prices, which could fuel inflation but which will also reduce import growth.
Now that it can import uranium fuel for its civilian reactors, it can devote more of its scarce domestic supplies to bomb-making.
But this market depends on the corn price being so high as to make it profitable to pay the import tariff.
We import hundreds of billions of dollars worth of crude oil.
First, manufacturing problems are increasingly common, as firms trim costs and import cheap ingredients of variable quality.
As a result, the largely desert country is self-sufficient in wheat, though it has to import rice.
Alternatively, they can import approved, non-polluting vehicles with a big discount on import duty.
We should unilaterally eliminate all tariffs and import duties on goods and services from that continent.
Nearly every country in the world is trying to export capital and import demand.
As a result, the country has seen vast capital flight, and must import many goods that it used to produce.
There is even talk of converting planned import terminals for gas into export terminals.
The subtext of that critique is the notion that the stories of the past have no real import on the struggles of the present.
They insisted the tower was of minimal import, and continued running the reactor.
Here is a world-wide tour of the best ideas that our government should import to jump-start innovation.
Chocolate produced in other cacao-producing countries, meanwhile, would be subject to a high import duty.
Headlines were carefully calculated graphic representations of import.
Pitch, tone, and volume of the interrogators' voices are unrelated to the import of the questions.
Yet officials have downplayed its import, saying to multiple media outlets that it portends no large strategic shifts.
Some house these winged creatures during their entire life cycle while others import butterflies from different regions.
Business is slow for state-run programs that import drugs.
Every gallon of ethanol produced locally allows us to import less oil from unreliable and often unfriendly foreign sources.
They are reluctant to import palm oil because of the adverse ecological impact of the palm plantations.
Growing crops takes energy, and countries that have to import food are now paying a high price for shipping because of fuel costs.
The question of causal direction is crucial to the possibility of a larger import.
It is almost impossible to buy it here or to import it from anywhere.
As such, it is a milepost of significant psychological import on the arduous journey from winter to spring.
If the named countries fail to improve their plans, they could face import bans on some of their seafood products.
We import virtually all our raw materials for those technologies from abroad.
These laws are designed to allow these companies to import people from other countries to work.
These cuts are no doubt uncomfortable for nations that import rare earths, but probably manageable.
Some of them import the materials, others are involved in the sale of airplanes.
The corn lobby made that possible, promoting sugar import tariffs.
When you borrow a lot of money to create a false prosperity, you import the future into the present.
There is simply so much there, and its import goes so far beyond matters of musical style.
Nothing of any real import happens in the game, ever.
Ironically, the pack rat itself is an import, and one that has been a poor adapter physiologically to desert life.
They're random, and blind or neutral to functional import.
Intellectually stimulating theory, with applications and import beyond the world of physics.
The charged ideological import of this model is transparently obvious.
Your choice of an economy over a few more shrimp means you think it is good for the economy to import our seafood.
Soon they'll have to import all their skilled and menial labor into the country.
Sometimes innovators don't even recognize the true import of their findings.
At moments of great and terrifying import, the mind takes indelible snapshots.
The following resources are starting points for learning how to import products and services.

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